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Leaky Gut Syndromes

Updated on March 24, 2011

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a hypothetical and unproven medical diagnosis based upon a theory on which there is a condition or altered or damaged bowel lining, caused by toxins, poor diet, parasites, infection or medications, which has led to increased permeability to the gut wall to substances the remain isolated in the lumen away from the body’s internal circulatory system. Anatomically speaking, the lumen is a cavity or channel within a tubular structure.

The permeability of the intestinal wall results from quite a larger number of factors. Coffee and Alcohol are the most common Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms causes that could irritate the gut wall. Drugs can also cause this symptoms with particulars on pain meds like aspirin and ibuprofen, NSAID’s or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antacids. Leaky Gut syndrome symptoms also results from several of the environmental contaminants and some of refined carbohydrate diet.

Leaky gut syndrome symptoms has its way sometimes of occurring naturally from the lack supply of digestive enzymes and chronic stress. The blood flow to the gut has been reduced from under chronic stress leaving it incapable of repairing on its own.

Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms comes with abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, indigestion and heartburn, which are types of gastrointestinal complaints. Neurological disturbances like anxiety, confusion, foggy thinking, aggressive behavior, mood swings, poor memory and nervousness may also be visible to a person with this condition.

Asthma or shortness of breath are some of the breathing troubles that goes along with the Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms. Poor immunity, recurrent bladder infections, recurrent vaginal infections, skin rashes and others are some of the symptoms that are brought about by this condition from the symptoms.

Intestinal Permeability Assessment is one of the effective assessments from Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms with the use of urine samples before and after drinking a Mannitol and Lactulose solution administered by a Healthcare Professional.

Upon assessing these two sugars on the test, high results of this two suggests the syndrome and low levels indicates malabsorption of all nutrients, especially when combined with high lactulose recovery thus supporting the validity of the Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms.


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