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Learn About Electric Juice Extractors - Know Your Juicers Before Buying!

Updated on August 1, 2013

If you have been inspired to buy your first electric juice extractor or you are looking to get a new one, then it might be good to know that there are only 3 different types of electric juicers to choose from. Sure enough, there are 1000's of different models available but every single one of them breaks down into 1 of 3 types -

1) Centrifugal Juice Extractors
2) Masticating Juice Extractors
3) Triturating Juice Extractors

Centrifugal Juice Extractors

The very first successful electric juice extractors where based on a centrifugal juice extractor design. Today, the Jack LaLanne power juicers and the Breville juice fountain elite are two of the more well known and popular of centrifugal juicers. The design is based around a disc like blade that is made up of many tiny sharp holes. The disc is rotated at very high revolutions per minute (RPM) by a high powered motor. Generally, centrifugal juice extractors will run anywhere from 3,000 RPM to 13,000 RPM depending on the model you buy. Fruits and vegetables are placed in a vertical feed tube that drops down to meet with the fast spinning blade that quickly grinds them down to release juice. The centrifugal (moving away from the center) force created by the high speed spinning 'throws' the juice and the separated pulp against a mesh filter that fits around the blade. The juice is able to filter through to produce a glass of juice and the pulp is kept separate and will need to be cleaned out later.

The advantages of a centrifugal juice extractor are high speed juicing, lower cost and they are less heavy machines. The disadvantages are less nutritious juices as a result of nutrients being killed off by the heat produced by the high speed of operation, lower juice yield, and that these juicers produce a lot of noise.

Masticating Juice Extractors

A masticating juice extractor doesn't use a blade but incorporates a single gear instead. What exactly is a single gear? A single gear looks very similar to a screw, basically an elongated piece of material with ridges and protrusions. This single gear fits fairly tightly inside a tube and rotates slowly. Fruits and vegetables are places into the tube and the juice is essential 'rung' out of them slowly and efficiently by the single gear.

The main advantages of masticating juice extractors is that they produce a higher juice yield and squeeze more nutrition out of fruits and vegetables. The other main advantage is that they produce much less heat than centrifugal juice extractors and therefore a lot less nutrients are killed off. The disadvantages are a slower juicing time, the fruits and vegetables usually need a lot of prepping so that they are cut into small enough sizes to fit and then the single gear works slowly also, and the fact that masticating juice extractors are more expensive to buy. However, they produce a high quality juice for the extra price. Masticating juicers are generally a lot heavier than centrifugal juicers.

Triturating Juice Extractors

Popular Triturating Juicers

A triturating juice extractor takes the basic design of the masticating juice extractor and extends it by adding an extra gear. For this reason, triturating juice extractors are also referred to as twin gear juicers. The two gears fit extremely close together and this helps produce a slightly better juice yield than the masticating juice extractors. The advantages and disadvantages of a triturating juice extractor are basically the same as that of a masticating juice extractor, except the advantages are a little improved and the disadvantages worsened, so to speak. In other words they are the most heavy and expensive of juicers but they produce the best quality juices of all juice extractors.


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    • sixfigurewriting profile image

      sixfigurewriting 7 years ago from Southeast PA

      This looks like a really good buy - we're eating more organic fruits and vegetables, a great kitchen addition.