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Learn About My Snoring Solution

Updated on September 30, 2012

It'd be very difficult to find someone who hasn't at some point or another had to sleep next to a snorer at night. Worldwide snoring is actually one of the most common health complaints that you could possibly imagine. Some researchers believe that up to 50% of the American population snores. This includes both men and women, and in many cases children as well.

One of the reasons snoring is such a contentious problem is that it's the number 1 medical reason for the break up of many otherwise happy relationships. Often times couples can't stand one another's snoring and end up sleeping in different rooms of the house. This separation causes a decrease in intimacy between the couples and can lead to an artificial distance between the two partners. Not to mention, snoring is also an indicator of an even broader health problem known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

What is OSA?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is perhaps the most common sleep disorder outside of insomnia and yet many people have never heard of it. According to the World Health Organization upwards of 100 million people worldwide suffer from OSA to some degree of another. In the United States this amounts to a quarter of all males, and one in 9 of all females.

OSA is characterized by brief pauses in breathing throughout sleep followed by gasps, and loud snores. It can lead to tiredness and lethargy during the day, depression, inability to concentrate and a host of other health problems. OSA prevents the normal flow of oxygen from your lungs into your bloodstream causing your body's ability to regenerate itself to be hindered.

How Can My Snoring Solution Help?

If you're at a point where it's hard to function because you are overwhelmed with the effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, there's a good chance that you've heard of My Snoring Solution and wondered if it's a plausible remedy for snoring. Let's have a quick look at this stop snoring chin strap to help determine if after reading this My Snoring Solution review it will be useful to you.

How My Snoring Solution Works.

As noted earlier when you are sleeping a blockage in the airway can cause you to snore. My Snoring Solution works by pushing the lower jaw forward to help open the space in the airway and allow the air to pass around the obstruction. By encouraging your mouth to remain shut and by pushing your lower jaw forward, this unit is specifically designed to help eliminate your snoring problem.

The Good Aspects

• Easy to wear. It doesn't involve putting an awkward shaped mouthpiece inside your mouth and keeping it their all night long. It's a simple headgear that you wear when you're going to bed

• Machine washable. Unlike cleaning a dental device, this product can be thrown in with the wash and comes out clean every time

• Education. My Snoring Solution ships with an informational DVD and book to help make sure you use this product properly

• 3 months Money-back Return Guarantee. If for some reason you aren't satisified with this product you can simply return it and get your money back no questions asked

The Bad Aspects

• Can feel somewhat awkward and bulky wearing a headgear to bed

• Does not work if snoring is caused by seasonal allergies

Does My Snoring Solution Really Help Stop Snoring?

Many people have mixed results, but there are a lot of satisfied customers. It's important that you do the research to determine which product is going to work best for you. The three month period that you have to return the product is plenty of time to decide whether or not it's something that is useful to you, or if you need to find another solution.


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