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Child Proof Your Home Cost Effectively

Updated on April 10, 2014

I have two children Amber aged three and Sebastian only five days old, I am now back to square one as far as child proofing the house simply because as the child grows the dangers change but as I have already been through this process once before I am hoping my experience and knowledge will make child proofing the house for a baby a much simpler process.

I have also researched this before the baby arrived and set out my plan of action I would advise you do the same because when the baby arrives things start to get hectic including a messed up sleeping schedule and the entire City coming to visit.

In this hub I am going to detail my plan of action including the products I will be using and the ones I will be avoiding based on my previous findings with Amber.

My Top Five Guide To Baby Proofing

As I said above I have done this before so I have a good knowledge of what products work and what products do not I am going to list my top products to avoid first with my reasons from experience.

Then I will list my top 5 products to buy making the whole child proofing process in your home much quicker.

We have reached my number one choice in my opinion the door monkey door lock is the best way to child proof your home and here are the reasons why.

1. You don't require any tools to fit it and you can move it from door to door quickly.

2. It fits every door I have ever tested

3. It works! it stops babies. toddles and even animals from going into or exciting the room.

4. It's cost effective, well made and even after some punishment it still works after 3 years.

I am a huge fan of the door money product it really is a clever design and a nice piece of manufacturing, I love how you can keep the kids in one safe place or stop them from accessing a dangerous room.

check out the video below to see it in action.

This was my very first purchase during our first pregnancy with Amber I figured because it was a all in one pack then it would save us money.

The concept is a good idea but the main problem is the quality of the plastic it breaks very easily and feels flimsy even out of the box, that's if you can get into the box! the most secure thing about this product is the packaging it took a Stanley knife to open the packaging.

All of the pieces inside the box are easy to install and look the part but over a short period of time they snap and break without much effort, it's defiantly not a product I would trust to prevent any child from injury.

When I first purchased these corner cushions I think I was taken in by the modern look compared to most child safety devises that are normally design and style free.

Once put into position they do look pretty cool however one corner instantly dropped off and I instantly figured I had done something wrong! As I increased force, changed angle and just generally messed with each one I slowly realised this wasn't working well and in the end took them off the table in frustration.

I admire the design effort but they simply don't work well at least not on my table they didn't.

Cabinet and draw locks are essential for some areas of the home like the chemical cupboard in the kitchen or the electrical cabinet under the stairs.

I didn't actually buy this product it was given to us as a gift by my wife's grandmother and she said locking as many doors in the home is important and soon you will find out why, I do agree but this product is not a good example.

They are very easy to install but the gap is to big and once that little baby starts exploring it won't be long before those locks are tested to the max.

The main problem I have with this product is it doesn't fit every type of lock, this is annoying for two different reasons.

1. I buy mostly on-line and I hate returning goods so when I do have to return a product it's time consuming.

2. If you are going to produce a product and you know it's not compatible with some of the matching products it needs then you have a design issue, stop making it!

In my opinion it's important to get a product right before selling it to the world, the original ipod wasn't perfect but it worked and did what it said on the tin.

The reason why this product is my number one is because if it worked it would be very useful and I believe it would save young lives if not at minimum prevent some parents from having a heart attack from discovering their child messing with a dangerous cord.

This product breaks all the rules of a good safety product

1. It's badly made and breaks ridiculously easy

2. It doesn't work, I've tried and tried and tried it just doesn't work

3. It won't fit all cords or blinds

This is just poor design and manufacturing it should really be taken off sale.

When I first noticed this product I over looked it and decided to buy the stylish ones that didn't work featured in my "avoid top 5"

How foolish of me to over look this excellent product it has it all and I still use it three years later, firstly it comes with four corners that do fit the table, they even stay on the table!
I like how the strip is easy to fix to any shape of table from round to square it doesn't matter it always fits!

The colour of the strip even matches my own table but that's just a bonus, the main joy of the product is that it works and has saved my little Amber from denting her head more times than I can remember.

When my wife suggested (insisted) we should buy a baby monitor I initially thought "what a waste of money" and I was a little bit reluctant to spend $100 or even $200+ to have a monitor system set up in the room next door to ours.

I now hold my hands up to say how very wrong I was, in fact it is me that relies on the unit more than any other family member, the unit I decided to buy was the mobi wireless audio & video monitor follow the link below for all the spec.

I love how it's a portable unit so I can be cooking in the kitchen while monitoring the children in the other room, this little devise gives you your freedom back I would be lost without it.

Things do go bump in the night and if you hear a bang it's most likely your toddler falling out of bed, you can tell it's your toddler because the bang is closely followed by a extremely loud cry!

The bed rail was not a product I had bought before the pregnancy in fact I didn't even realise it existed until doing some research after Amber had fallen out of bed one night (not something I wanted to be repeated trust me).

After some research I finally purchased Regalo model mainly because of it's good reviews, I very much like how it is secured to the other end of the mattress, it's quick to assemble (see video) and it stores under the bed when not in use.

When I was a child a friend from school was scolded badly on the arm because of a pan that was accessible to him. The accident could have been a lot worse if the pan had fallen in another direction and this made me and my friends very aware of the danger.

Now that I have kids of my own this is a accident that truly frightens me, the solution is a product by kidco I purchased it when Amber was learning to crawl.
It' has an adjustable front section so it should fit large and small stoves, it has a metal framework coated in black paint and simply attaches to the rear of the stove with adhesive.

you can easily remove the guard for cleaning or to place on another hob, we have had ours for two years and it still looks brand new without any chipping.

I Would Love To Know Your Opinion

I hope you have enjoyed my page about child proofing your home I would love to know your thoughts, opinions and suggestions from your own experiance.

It would mean a lot to me if you would share this page on your social network like facebook, twitter, G+ or pinterest if it only keeps one child safe it was worth the 10 second effort it takes to share with your friends and family.


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