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Learn NOT to "READ"......"I control, not EYE-CONTROL"

Updated on July 20, 2011


This is an article about my experiences with Gangstalking and Electronic Harassment. I chose "Men's Health" because many men are experiencing this phenomenon and haven't figured it out yet. There is an organization out there trying to "recruit" as many members as possible. Unfortunately, the techniques they use to get you to join their group involve coercion ("join our group.......or ELSE). This includes: body-shocks, ear-ringing that has a detectable rhythm, subliminally-inspired disturbing thoughts, body pain via "non-lethal weapons" and body manipulation. Today, I will be focusing on a particular aspect of harassment that stalkers refer to as "reading". Here's what "reading" actually is: it is a means by which your eyes are actually controlled to look at certain things by an external source to DISTURB you.

From what it's called, you'd think that "reading" would make you smarter or more knowledgeable.............WRONG! All it does is assault your mind via demoralization. This means that the objective is to get you to think you are an awful person. A person who no longer believes they are good will be much easier to stress-out and "re-educate". This little technique of theirs involves getting you to look at specific: words, people, "signs", body-language, three-letter license plates and personalized license-plates combined with body-stimulation/subliminal suggestions that torture the mind.

Now here's one way they specifically attack men. Your body can be externally stimulated to feel "artificial arousal". You can tell that it's not real by the fact that THIS "arousal" is preceded by a mild "electrical feeling" in the genital region, particularly the testicles which then spreads to the penis. If you do not learn how to spot fake arousal from actual arousal, you can be manipulated to see all the WRONG people at all the RIGHT times to make you hate yourself.

These goons almost drove me to suicide 3 years ago with this stalking tactic. Your body is made to feel as though it is aroused (but there won't be any reason for you to feel like this). Right here is where you need to stop this "fake arousal" from continuing. Your eyes can then be directly controlled to look at something..............something you really DON'T want to be looking at when you are in this artificially-induced state. You can be made to look at anything they want you to unless you have learned that 1. This is possible and 2. you learn to recognize that "electronic sensation" in your genitals. Your eyes will feel PULLED in a specific direction and you'll find that you must fight this "command" to "look where you are told to".

They tried to pull this old trick of theirs on me 2 hours ago. I was just starting my car and I was looking at my groceries. I then felt a strong urge to look up combined with that "electric feeling" in my genital region. I could not see what I would be looking at in any way, shape or form..........but I remembered this trick of theirs. I REFUSED to look up and I calmly focused on the ringing in my ears. I sought out "The Salvation Code" buried in the electronically-induced tinnitus (see my other articles) and the electric feeling died and my eyes felt released from this EXTERNALLY-BASED GRIP. My head became clear and calm - completely free of this "electronic arousal". Then I looked up and saw what they had been trying to get me to look at: a minor dressed up like a whore.

Three years ago, I decided to take a radical approach to this mind-game of theirs. Anytime I was out in public and I felt that "electronic sensation" that begins in the testicles I hit myself in the nuts as hard as I could. It worked: all I could feel was extreme pain, but it sure beat the SHAME that had almost led me to take my own life. I immediately wrote about this crude way to "break the chain" of external body/eye-control on helium and it was deleted. After a week of doing this every time they stimulated me, they quit it. Since that time, I've learned to simply listen for the ringing in my ears and find the slower, more drawn-out, lower-toned frequency. Guess what? It not only short-circuits their control over where you look, it also breaks their: fake stimulation, fake stress and disturbing thoughts. ALL TIES to this group are completely severed, bringing peace of mind (and GREAT RELIEF).

Now when I go outside, I do not "see" what they want me to see. I used to feel trapped in a horrible dimension where everyone moved like they were out to get me. It was worse than I ever could have imagined Hell to be like. Well, the only thing that makes everything seem like that is the fact that you are being told where to look and even how to interpret it. You must fight against not only what you see, but also HOW you see it. The BIGGEST HELP comes from finding that "Salvation Code". In fact I'll go over how to escape from "Electronic Prison". 1. Focus upon the ringing in your ears. At first all you'll hear is this frantic, disturbing, repetitive frequency of high-pitched tones which sound like "ringing in your ears" (ee-ee-ee!, ee-ee-ee!). 2. draw this ee-ee-ee! into eeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee into "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh". When you find this frequency, you will have discovered the key that allows you to leave "Hell" and enter "Heaven".

If you cannot detect the frequency I speak of, check out my other Hubs. Loud headphone music makes these electronic "signals" go away. Minorly altering your neurochemistry will "throw them off your scent". Thinking of yourself as someone else does the very same thing. Praying to God in your thoughts drives out their fake thoughts. You can avoid most of this by simply practicing Christianity - but man are they strict. You've got to be: humble, meek, slow to anger, refuse to judge anyone else and move very gently. If you are like me (not-so-perfect), my techniques will keep you out of their reach.


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    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      You are AWESOME! This ringing in the ears can be likened to having a musical instrument attached to our eardrums. When they give us a ton of "energy", this thing starts to ring wrong. I have actually learned to listen for the lower, slower tones and actually control what I hear. When they REALLY get after me, I stretch out those ee-ee-ee! tones into eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeee,

      then on to "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh" which calms me down. If you listen to it for too long, you'll feel "stuck" in your bed. That's when it's time to put on some loud headphone music or just find an activity that allows us to completely ignore the ringing. Taking a coffee helps shift the way my brain functions so that they can't "corner" me, thoughtwise.

    • LadyFae profile image


      6 years ago from Under the Stars

      LOL, as I'm reading your again very interesting and helpful hub I hear the "ringing in my ears" and on the top of my screen I get the following notice: "To help your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer."

      And no, I don't get that notice on other hubs.

      Vote up and keep up the good work.

      Your devoted reader.

      Love and hugs.


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