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Learn Your Archetypes to Find Success

Updated on February 2, 2017
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Jean has taught astrology and tarot for 40 years. She enjoys music, reading, knitting, gardening and meditation in her cottage in the woods.

Searching For Ourselves


Who Are You?

At some time during your education, you most likely took a psychology course, and studied archetypes, which are universal patterns of people we all recognize. It is believed that these patterns of people are stored in our collective unconscious, according to Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist and psychotherapist.

Caroline Myss (pronounced Mace) is a psychic and medical intuitive, who has done much work regarding archetypes. In her book from 2002, Sacred Contracts, Awakening Your Divine Potential, she lists about 75 Archetypes, to help us discover our own, so one can find success. It is her view that if we know this information, we will be able to figure out our life purpose, or why we are here. If you read the Tarot as this writer does, you have worked with archetypes when you read the Court Cards. Myss has also created an archetype deck of cards, and if you just look through it, you will immediately recognize yourself in many cards. The cards are easier to work with, but the book Sacred Contracts has a list of the same archetypes in the deck, so you may begin this project with the book too. The explanations of all the types of people and professionals we encounter are very extensive. But Myss has added ten new archetypes in her new book, Archetypes Who Are You?, the reason for this article. She has updated her work to reflect the new roles which are important in our rapidly changing world.

Tools Helpful for Learning About Ourselves

Archetype Cards
Archetype Cards

These cards are amazingly accurate, its fun to get a group of friends who know you well and try to choose your archetypes. It is hard to be objective if you do it alone! These and the newer book together will be fine, though the Sacred Contracts has more and expanded explanations of the older and basic cards. I learned how I changed over the years by reading this book and working with the cards.


Each Person is the Sum of Twelve Archetypes!

Myss has a theory that each person is the sum total of twelve archetypes. There are four that all of us have, The Saboteur, The Prostitute, The Inner Child and The Victim. Then there are eight which are ours alone. Once you have either a list of all twelve archetypes, or draw them out in a wheel as an Astrologer would do, you will have a very clear picture and idea of who you are, the sum of all these twelve parts, or archetypes. If you choose to place them in an astrology wheel, you will automatically know which houses or parts of the circle where each archetype belongs, as she uses similar meanings as Astrologers do.

I have below a diagram taken from Sacred Contracts, which mixes the Astrological Houses and the meanings of your archetypes depending on which house they fall into. You can shuffle the cards and lay them around the twelve sections, as if you are giving a Tarot Reading. Or you can choose your archetypes, and place them in the houses you know they belong in. Now, I know you are thinking, this writer should get out of the house more, she thinks its fun to figure out her archetypes. I read Sacred Contracts about three years ago, before my Tarot poetry book was published, and before I fell in love with online writing. I realized I had changed in those years, and decided to change my own archetype lineup, adding Creative Artist and Intellectual. I have read so much looking for material to write about, I felt that fit me better than Student, as I chose the first time around. Both books gave me an incredible amount of insight and a few surprises about Who I Am at this time in my life!

Archetype/Astrology Wheel To Use for Reference


Learn Your Archetypes to Find Success

It is Myss’s belief, and my own, that if we have a good grasp of all the different facets of our personalities, we can better utilize our abilities to improve our lives and find success. We all grow and change during the course of life, and display different strengths and attitudes depending on what we have learned. Knowing ourselves better and taking the time to consider how we have changed during the years has a big affect on us.

You can learn your archetypes to unlock your potentials, and see you are very different now than you were three, five, or ten years ago. So maybe your current job is not utilizing the new talents you have acquired, and is holding you back. Perhaps you have had more time to develop creative abilities, and could be writing or painting, making more money than at your current job, and being lots happier. Now that your children are grown, you do not have to be The Caregiver anymore, maybe you are now the Artist, Guide, Mystic, or Queen/Executive. Some will be the same, if you hear the beat of a different drummer, you are still the Rebel or the Nonconformist. But take these descriptions, and place them in the correct areas of your own Archetype Wheel, as you are the only one who truly knows what part of your life each archetype rules. Our personal archetypes are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us. And we can let our thinking about ourselves get outdated, not realizing in the course of everyday life that we have changed.

Keep in mind that archetypes are creatures of the psyche. They are mystical in nature. They cannot be precisely defined, because even archetypal patterns change a little to fit each individual person. The archetypes will differ according to the demands of each person’s life. The ten new archetypes that Myss has added are timely and well thought out, and a brief explanation of each of them follows:


The Advocate

1. You are drawn to social, political, or environmental concerns.

2. You feel a strong need to make a difference in the world.

3. You are committed to doing something worthwhile with your life.

4. You are dedicated to fixing what isn’t working in society.

5. You take action when you see or hear about mistreatment of people

animals, or the environment.

6. You see a problem, and immediately start thinking of ways to solve it.

7. You are drawn to the plight of a group or cause.

8. You work in an activist field, such as law, social work, health care, or

community development, or are considering it as a career move.

9. Your response to natural disasters is to think how you can help.

10. You speak out for those who have no voice.


The Creative Artist

1. You see beauty everywhere, in people, in architecture, in nature.

2. You come alive in front of an audience, and love being on stage.

3. You listen to music and feel your heart soar.

4. You dream of seeing your name on the Bestseller list, and have kept a journal

since childhood.

5. You want to create art, not just read and talk about it.

6. You take time to create every day so you use your imagination.

7. You have friends and mentors who support your artistic vision.

8. You surround yourself with beautiful things which inspire you.

9. You have the patience to create without immediate monetary gain.

10. You affirm your talent every day, without worrying what others think.


The Athlete

1. You exercise regularly and stay fit.

2. You take good care of your body.

3. You listen to your body and respond to physical signals like pain.

4. You are serious about nutrition and make sure to eat right.

5. You are very competitive but play fair.

6. You love physically challenging activities.

7. You were not a girly girl, and as a young boy always were active.

8. Your work involves sports, fitness or bodywork.

9. You spend leisure time outdoors, running, swimming, or playing sports.

10. You organize your life around fitness


The Caregiver

1. You are naturally compassionate and concerned with the well being of others.

2. Your greatest strength is nurturing others.

3. Friends and family always turn to you for support.

4. You work in a caring field, nursing, hospice care, psychotherapy, or social work.

5. You end up caring for others, whether you want to or not.

6. You were destined to be the Caregiver, even as a child you cared for siblings.

7. You often give more than you receive.

8. You sense what others need before they ask.

9. You see helping others as your calling.

10. You naturally bring out the best in others, and are a good listener.


The Fashionista

1. You look great no matter what you are wearing.

2. You see fashion as a means to develop authentic self esteem.

3. You are a savvy shopper and love to try new styles.

4. You invest in pieces that speak to who you are, not what others want you to be.

5. You see the beauty in other people and love helping them find their style.

6. Your shopping sprees are about searching for clothes that empower you.

7. You are often admired for your personal style.

8. You treat fashion as your personal art form.

9. You set your own standards of beauty and avoid comparing to others.

10. You exercise and eat right to stay fit.


The Intellectual

1. You relate to the world through the life of the mind, ideas, concepts and info.

2. You learn for the sake of learning and love of pure knowledge.

3. You spend hours online, letting your curiosity lead you.

4. You make decisions with a combination of reason, logic, and intuitiveness.

5. You always stretch your mind with reading, lectures, and study.

6. You gravitate towards people with active minds and stimulating conversation.

7. You lead a carefully considered life. You look before you leap.

8. You respond to people with your head before your heart.

9. You are cultivating wisdom in order to improve your own life and the world.

10. You treat failure and mistakes as learning opportunities.


This is one of the author's archetypes.I have been told I am not as cold as an executive, nor as warm as a Queen! See, I told you it was more fun to do this in a group!
This is one of the author's archetypes.I have been told I am not as cold as an executive, nor as warm as a Queen! See, I told you it was more fun to do this in a group! | Source

The Queen/Executive

1. You take charge of situations for the sake of achieving maximum results.

2. You make things happen for other people to empower them.

3. You are direct in your dealings with others and let people know what you expect from them.

4. You make sure you look your best at all times.

5. You pour your energy into worthwhile causes, and are never just a Figurehead.

6. You use your influence to make a difference in people’s lives.

7. You work hard to uphold your character and values.

8. You naturally end up in positions of power and authority, even when you do not actively seek them.

9. You can appear intimidating to people who are trying to get close to you.

10. You may not give orders, but there is no question that you are the one in charge.


The Rebel or Noncomformist

1. You have shown a rebellious streak since childhood.

2. You define your character by your right to challenge injustice.

3. You speak out against discrimination and oppression.

4. You resist taking orders and follow your own path.

5. You are following a different spiritual path than the one you learned in childhood.

6. You thrive on making waves and upsetting the status quo.

7. You are unconventional and independent, a free and creative thinker.

8. You do things in nontraditional ways.

9. You are an agent of change introducing those around you to new ideas.

10. You choose the less traveled road.


The Spiritual Seeker

1. You feel unsatisfied and are seeking more from your life.

2. You trust your intuition.

3. You are looking for a new life direction.

4. You are searching for insight into who you really are.

5. You are intent on finding the meaning and purpose of your life.

6. You are curious about other dimensions beyond the material plane.

7. You often read about spiritual or philosophical ideas.

8. You attend workshops and seminars on consciousness or spiritual topics.

9. You have begun some form of spiritual practice, or are considering it.

10. You value the quality of your inner life above all else.


The Visionary

1. You always come up with new ideas and think “What if…”

2. You are not intimidated by risk.

3. You are an agent of change.

4. You sense transformation in the outer world before it happens.

5. You find ways to break free of traditional expectations and rules.

6. You have always been an outsider.

7. You approach life in unconventional ways.

8. You rely on guidance from your dreams.

9. You give yourself time alone to think and dream.

10. You look to the future rather than dwelling on what happened in the past.


Our Archetypes Change As Our Lives Change

We can also develop a deeper understanding of the people around us and use our potentials to find success. Much of the fun of learning about archetypes is being able to spot them in your daily life. Life is ruled by archetypal experiences common to all of us. There is also a site called, where you can test yourself to see which archetypes describe you, but I found it did not agree with the work I already did with the Archtype/Astrology wheel.

We all face the cycle of death and rebirth, the universal experience of shedding one form in order to create another. We all go through passages and reach crossroads, and our life direction shifts dramatically by the decisions we make. So we make archetypal shifts in order to cope with our ever changing lives. For example, a Mother facing “empty nest” syndrome can go back to school, or find new interests. It is important to be able to transition into new phases of life, but it is helpful to try to anticipate some of them in advance. If we do not, we can experience a time of crisis. Hopefully the reader will find Caroline Myss’s new book, Archetypes, Who Am I? and her older Sacred Contracts as interesting as this writer did, as it helped me to see how much I had changed in just three short years, and in all positive ways!

© 2013 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi RBJ33,

      Thanks for visiting and reading! I took the test and so did my friend Patrice, who posted above. I didn't get accurate results with the online test either, and am unsure how much involvement Myss had with that. I had the original book, Sacred Contracts, and picked up my Archetypes from that, and later bought the deck. I like Caroline Myss, she's interesting. Maybe you could get the book from the library, it gives you a lot more clues and material to decide if you belong in what category. Or you could by it used from Amazon, that's what I did, for about $1.00. I got a Kindle for Christmas, but notice older books aren't always available in Kindle form. There are a lot more choices in the book too. This book, Archetype me, was really written just so she could update and she only added the ones I discussed here. I got Caregiver too, but it was years ago when I took care of my aging parents and my husband's and our son is in his 20's. He still lives here but we don't see him much! So Caregiver isn't really a big part of my life at this point. You are a brave man, taking care of all those people. Bless you and them!

    • RBJ33 profile image

      RBJ33 4 years ago

      Hey Jean - nice hub, but a bit confusing for me. I took the quiz and got 32% Athlete, 31% caregiver, and 17% Visionary - kind of a strange combination. It's been awhile since I could actually do anything athletic. Caregiver says male caregivers consider others first - story of my life - three wives, 2 + 3 = 5 grown children, 6 + 9 = 15 grandchildren, and 3 + 5 = 8 great grandchildren - 22 of the 31 people counted above are female - they pretty much collectively have me around their little fingers. HELP !!!!!

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hey, how are you? I learned about Caroline Myss in one of those Metaphysical classes, and think she's great. I also took the test, but it had me as a Caregiver, and although I'm a Mother, I feel I'm not so much in that role as I was in my 30's and 40's. I picked Nonconformist, Seeker, Artist Creative (all the writing I love) Hermit (I need alone time) I upped Student to Intellectual, and Luke insisted I am a Queen/Executive, he says I intimidate people (all 5'2" of me), although he says I'm warmer than an Executive, I'm cooler than a Queen. People always ask me for advice, so I added Guide. I think it was really fun. I'll write you one of these days. I hope all is well. I've been writing on Wizzley, mixed results.

    • profile image

      PWalker281 4 years ago

      Based on reading the archetypes in this intriguing hub, I most identified with the Care Giver, Intellectual, Nonconformist, Spiritual Seeker and Visionary archetypes. According to the quiz at I am mostly a Care Giver, Spiritual, and Intellectual. That's an interesting site btw - looks like they are trying to create a social media network around archetypes. Wonder how successful it will be? Great hub! Voted up and shared.

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