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Learn how to get Bigger Forearms Today

Updated on August 30, 2011

All About Bigger Forearms

It's a fact - your forearms don't get the same attention the rest of your body does. They're not included in your workouts, they're not flexed in front of the mirror and they're not bragged about. I guess we think there's no point of training them.

This was my belief too. I've always believed that forearms don't need any isolation work. What's the point?

Nearly every exercise we do that requires you to hold dumbbells or barbells already engages your forearms. Every exercise that requires you to pull yourself up - like chin ups or pull ups - already engages your forearms.

So the question becomes - how to get bigger forearms?

A bit of Forearm Anatomy

I think before you can attempt to fix up your forearms, you need to understand how they work - their anatomy. We start with the brachioradialis - the major muscle in the forearm and the one we will primarily focus on. It's the muscle that brings out the size in your forearms. The other two muscle groups are for flexing and extending your wrist - wrist flexors and wrist extensors, respectively. We will only be focusing on these three muscle groups.

Since we are now familiar with the three major muscle groups in your forearm, let's move onto the training portion. Here are three exercises that will teach you how to get bigger forearms.

Two Killer Forearm Exercises

Exercise 1 - Reverse Barbell Curl

Next up we're going to target the forearm extensors that are responsible for extending the wrist. Use a pre-set barbell. Grab it with your palms facing the ground. Perform the same movement you would with a regular barbell curl and try to squeeze at the top of each repetition.

Exercise 2 - Hammer Curl

We start off with the Hammer Curl. This exercise is just like the regular dumbbell curl except you will be holding the dumbbells so your palms facing each other. This is the best exercise for targeting the brachioradialis.

Unique ways to work your Forearms


I hope you enjoyed the compilation of forearm exercises that I've shown here. Understanding how to get bigger forearms is important if you want to improve your overall upper body strength. Keep working on those stubborn areas!

If you want to check out a more in-depth training methodology for getting bigger forearms, check out this detailed post on how to get bigger forearms with 4 KILLER forearm exercises.

Thanks for Reading!

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