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Learn how to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscle

Updated on January 25, 2016

Pelvis region

A woman's Pelvis region
A woman's Pelvis region
A woman's pelvis region
A woman's pelvis region

Pelvic muscles

Pelvic floor muscle problems are more common with women who have given birth naturally. About one fifth of human population surfer from one form of pelvic floor muscle syndrome and it’s not specific to women alone.

The ailment is not exclusive to women and men also experience this debilitating ailment. Pelvic floor dysfunction cause lots of health problems which has a negative effect on the sufferers quality of life.

Strengthening your pelvic muscles help regain normalcy of that area and offers better life choices. There are ways to strengthen your pelvic region like therapy, exercise and sex.

Bowel and bladder control positions.

Bowel and bladder control positions.
Bowel and bladder control positions. | Source

Go for physical therapy

A sufferer has the option to go for physical therapy and seek help from a professional. The expert will teach new exercise routines, posture and eating habits that might strengthen your pelvic muscles.

If you have pelvic floor muscle issues you can chose this simple option. Your physician can offer you a variety of treatment and physical therapy for your condition.

Do kegel exercises

Kegal exercises especial the ones targeting the pelvic muscles are very effective. The exercise regains strength to the region thereby improving the person’s quality of life.

You can buy a picture book full of instructions on how to do theses exercises. Alternatively register in a gym that offers kegel exercises.

Fat person eating a buger

Fat person eating a burger
Fat person eating a burger

Pelvic floor

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Women attest to the efficacy of this release to tightening pelvic muscles. The science behind this claim is rather sketchy but there seem to be improvement in the pelvic area.

Some women believe the contraction aids strengthening of the pelvic region. Remember too much of a good thing is bad and they say the opposite effect happens when this condition is frequent.

Exercise more

Do exercises that target the pelvic region of your body. Common exercises that might help are seat ups and knee squats.

The main focus is strengthening the pelvic floor muscles for better relief. Pelvic exercises are a sure way to beat pelvic floor muscle problems.

Eat right

You don’t want to increase the problem by eating meals like beans. Instead eat nuts and fiber reach meals for easy bowel movement.

Constipation is your worst nightmare if you have poor pelvic floor muscles. Diary products are a no go area because they can make the condition worse.

Yoga school

Yoga school
Yoga school | Source

Whys to strengthen your pelvic floor

1 Exercise the region

2 Do Yoga

3 Try Kegel exercises

4 Sex is good

5 Visit a physician

6 Eat right


Yoga is a good way of strengthening your pelvic muscles especially after child birth. Yoga is a powerful tool that helps contraction of the abs and core muscles.

By engaging your abs and sphincter muscles your pelvic floor muscles gets additional strength. A better sex life, lots of yoga will improve your core muscles and strengthen your pelvic region.

5 Pilates Exercises for Pelvic Floor Muscles

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