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Learned Behaviors

Updated on November 5, 2015

Learned behaviors


Learned behaviors

The interactions and engagement of fired off neurons through the dendrites in the body or neurotransmitters from our brain to our body; takes on a different shape or reality and actually dictates whether or not we have a lucid active brain. Any learned behaviors like meditation help our brain become more lucid and active, helping us to maintain healthy brain cells that send instructions throughout the body. Most important is to keep our brain oxygenated with proper nourishment and drink, because the brain absorbs more oxygen than any other part of the body.

Learned behaviors are what we learn through education, environment, mimicking, and other external environments. Learned behavior is part of evolution because in the Ice Age humans mimicked behaviors, facial expressions, postures, and sounds, they were learned from the existing surroundings and external environment.

Learned behavior is a categorized behavior that is carried out by cause and effect relationships, it is part of the human life cycle. Cause and effect relationships are learned when we start our educational journey through institutions throughout our lifetime. Some of the cause and effect relationships are unconsciously performed; however, the majority is learned behaviors that we are exposed to in our educational journey. Education and learning are major players in our wellbeing and health.

During meditation which is a learned behavior and a social construct (

that is accompanied by a human interaction. The body also consciously engages a part of the brain that connects to the spinal cord and limbic overlying nuclear structure with patterns of behaviors, physiology, and functional controls in the body. The functional controls that I am speaking of are the breathing, appetite, heart rate, digestive functioning, sexual drive, and impulsive reactions.

Different states of mind

  • Consciousness – Quality state of being aware with the ability to feel, be alert and comprehend situations. (Learned behavior)
  • Unconscious – A state that lacks responsiveness like being comatose or fainting where the subject is unaware of their surroundings, no sensations or awareness. Sleep is similar to being unconscious however; during sleep a person can be responsive if touched, so it is more subconscious behavior than any other state of mind.
  • Subconscious – Existing beneath the one’s consciousness although active it maintains one’s thoughts and innermost feelings (psyche) and beliefs; it could be drawn out by hypnotism or meditation.
  • Altered state of mind/consciousness – A state produced by psychoactive drugs or spiritual or meditative states. It could also be induced by lack of Oxygen to the brain or reduced blood flow.

Metaphysically Prayer or meditative states help a person increase your mental and physical functions, helps to reduce pain, lessens depression and anxiety, reduces risks of stroke, and increases the blood flow and oxygenation in the frontal lobe of the brain and increases the immune system functionality (

We briefly talked about dimensional states in “Wonderful Water” ( and the way we have conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious, and Para states. They are part of the natural and learned behaviors in the dynamics of human beings. We follow a life span dynamic of infant through adulthood that maintains learned behaviors throughout our lives.

Our brain is dependent on learned behaviors because inactivity could cause brain cells to die and if that occurs the instructional part of the brain becomes marred and unable to send proper instructions to our organs, muscles, tissue, and major parts of our body. It is vital to our functioning, living, and breathing.

Volume 1, Issue 31, 3-29-2013


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