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Learning Disorder in Children

Updated on July 4, 2012

Education is having a vital role in development of personality as far as a child is concerned. Therefore, we should take initiative to rectify any defects in children if it occurs.

These days the learning disorder in children is not uncommon. Some time you might have, hear some problem with some children that, they are good in plays and games but they are very much weak in learning. Such things do happen because of learning disorder. These student maybe above average in abilities, but they are poor in learning skills. We can improve such conditions by injecting confidence in them.

Learning Disorders.

This thing happens to those students, who all are average or above average in intelligence.They may be poor in studies, but they are good in arts and sports.

How do we can identify learning disorder?

Learning disorders are of four types.

1. Reading Disorder

· In this, we can clearly identify the unwillingness to read.

· Reading without any fluency.

· Guessing some words while reading.

· Miss understanding some letters while reading (eg:-instead of ‘b’‘d’, for ‘m’ reading it as ‘w’ etc.)

· Not getting the exact idea about which they read.

2. Disorder of written expression.

· Bad hand writing.

· More spelling errors.

· While writing, mixing of both small and upper case of alphabets.

· Writing the letters as its mirror images. (Eg:-for “was” writing it as “saw”, for “on” writing it as “no”.

3. Mathematics Disorder.

· Difficulties in doing the basic mathematical practices.

· Writing the digits reverse(eg:-for 28 writing it as 82)

· Poor with digit

· Difficulties in understanding the time by seeing the clock.

4. Mixed disorder of Scholastic Skills.

· It is the condition of disorder in reading writing and calculating.

These students would fail in examinations continuously.This disorder we cannot cure by giving them intensive tuition or classes.

The reasons for disorders.

There are different reasons for learning can be genetics, hormone disorder, the disease condition of mother in impregnation or short of sufficient oxygen in delivery time.

Behavior Disorder.

Learning disorder children can show some behavioral disorders like restless nature, cannot concentrate in one thing. Shaking their hands and legs unnecessarily.They cannot weight for something to reach their turn. For example, they are in a line and weighting for their turn to happen. However, these people cannot tolerate this short time weighting. They cannot complete their work, which they did start. They will spread their concentration to somewhere else. Indulging in dangerous activities.

We should give a good proper attention to them. We can give them “behavior Therapy” and cure these diseases.

How we can cure.

(For the attention of parents)

The home should have a serene atmosphere. We should not compare them with other students and talk. The parents should sit along with their child and explain about the lessons, which they find difficult. We can encourage them for their small achievements. If the problem still exists, consult a specialist.

(For the attention of Teachers)

Teachers should be a model for children. Should not show any partiality to them. Help them to improve their self-confidence. Instead of just reading the lessons try to explain this in an interesting manner. Give special attention to such students.

Scientific solutions.

We should discuss about the learning disorder of students scientifically. We should scientifically go through the learning skill and the natural skill of such students. There are child guidance clinics where we can get proper guidance.

· When do we see any learning disorder in anybody, we should start the appropriate Remedial training.

· We should start a motivational counseling to make studies interesting

· We should identify the area of their excellence and motivate that.

· Make sure the availability of proper guidance to reduce their mental depression and other disorder regarding examinations and consult proper specialists for proper guidelines.


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    • vims003 profile image

      Vimesh Ummer.U 5 years ago from india

      thanks anu for your comments....its really need to be monitored in children.

    • anusujith profile image

      Anoop Aravind A 5 years ago from Nilambur, Kerala, India

      Good thought, I am in the beginning of a parenting... So your information will help me more... Thanks for the hub... Voted up and shared....