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Learning about retired living - continued....

Updated on March 3, 2015

"Feel the burn"

"Feel the burn" - you've heard that saying. It's supposed to motivate you to get out there and "just do it"... For me, feel the burn happens as soon as I start my walking instead of at the end. That pesky left knee lets me know that for the first part of my walk. I have to "push through" and limp along until my knee warms up and I can walk normally.

I started a little later than usual today. It's interesting to see how the mall's time clock is different from hour to hour. When I usually get here, there's only about 20 - 30 people walking or getting coffee or it's the store employees that are setting up their jewelry displays or windows or food is being prepped. When the stores open, the activity level changes and it's showtime for the stores. Customers start dribbling in and it gets too busy for mall walking. I'm sure the reverse happens at closing time - fewer customers and store clerks begin their close out routines.

I found a little purse to keep my stuff in. Just my identification, credit card, some cash, keys and my phone. Still dangerous enough to buy something if I see it. When I started walking, I just threw on my ratty old T-shirt and elastic waisted pants. Didn't think I needed to "dress up" to go walking, then my daughter tells me - "mom - you're old but you don't have to dress old!" Ok, with that admonition, I decided to buy proper exercise attire. Ugh - tried on 8 pairs of pants and some shirts. Nothing looks good when you're trying to conceal extra 50 pounds! But you have to "dress for success" and I settled on some comfortable Nike pants. I still need to buy a whole bunch of Nike shirts that say - "Just do it" so when I don't want to, I'll look at the shirt, put it on and get my butt out the door!

The mommy boot camp was crowded today - there were almost ten strollers today. I mused what it would be like if I created a geriatric boot camp. I can invite the lady that walks with her cane and grab anyone that has a walker. We could make it around once and then sit next to that older gentleman who sits alone every day. He always has his water bottle and a bag of his medicine. Sometimes he nods off - if he's awake, he just sits there - same chair, time after time. We could join him when we're tired of pushing our walkers and use our water bottles as weights and do a few arm curls and leg lifts while we're sitting. Perhaps we could talk a little and see how we feel that day. The interaction might mean we take one less pill to ward off depression or anxiety. Yup - I think I could come up with a geriatric program and join people together if I put my mind to it!

"Go, Granny, Go!"


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