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Learning to Live Life Sober After Having Been Addicted to Alcohol For Many Years

Updated on September 7, 2014

My Dream Has Finally Come True Thanks To My Sobriety

Living the good life now with my wife and a sober one too.  Life is great here at the Ocean.
Living the good life now with my wife and a sober one too. Life is great here at the Ocean. | Source

Living Life Without Alcohol

Learning to live life sober after having been addicted to alcohol for many years is a huge change in anyone's life, including my own life.

When someone has been drinking and abusing alcohol for many years, alcohol becomes a huge part of that person's life, and a huge part of the alcoholic's family and friends.

When a alcoholic decides to change their life and start to live clean and sober, it is a scary thing. When I decide to stop drinking alcohol back in October 26, 2009, I was scared to death to leave behind something that was a huge part of my life for many years, but it was a must to stop drinking not to only save my own life, but my relationship with my family.

I wondered to myself when I was thinking about just quitting drinking forever, "how would I survive without alcohol in my life?" But, then it crossed my mind what hell I put my body through for no reason at all, and what hell I put my wife and children through all those years I drank and abused alcohol.

How to Adjust to The Change

This is what I did to adjust to the change in my life living with no alcohol.

  • Once I stopped drinking I needed to keep my body and mind occupied so that I would NOT think of alcohol.
  • I stayed busy all through the day and night and prayed each day for God to give me the strength to continue on my road to recovery and not miss alcohol at all.
  • I spent quality time with my children and wife, that I neglected not to do while drinking.
  • I began to write on my blog and here on HubPages to try and help others that were suffering with an addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  • I worked around the house and thought of projects I could do to keep me busy and my mind off alcohol.
  • I taught myself to think and act positive at all times, and to tell myself that I was a strong person and I could beat my demons once and for all.

Granted, I must say it was hard to say goodbye to my addiction to alcohol. It was hard to not be able to have alcohol ever again. I wondered in the beginning, could I really do this and stop drinking forever?

I though about stopping drinking many times over the years, but never went through with it because I was afraid of how I would feel and act without alcohol in my system. I wondered if I could even get along in life without my crutch?

That is how depended I was on having that alcohol everyday of my life. When thinking about those days of hell now, I ask myself, "why in the world would I have done this to my one and only body?"

Why would I put people, such as my parents, wife and children through all this hell that I was putting them though?

Why was, and is the question! I was selfish, and was only thinking about myself, and how buzzed and drunk I could get, and never thought about others and their feeling and concerns for me.

Today is a new life for myself and those that cared and stood by my side even though I put them all through the tortures of hell for many years.

It Certainly Is A Change Being Sober Everyday

When any alcoholic gets sober after being addicted to alcohol for many years, sobriety feels so different to them, as it did for me when I stopped drinking.

It certainly is a change being sober verses being buzzed or drunk everyday. Actually the world seems like a much brighter place looking through sober eyes.

There are so many things to get used to when you have stopped drinking alcohol. When we drink we are always used to having that drink in hand, and when we stop our drinking we wonder, or at least I wondered, what to do with my hands. They feel so empty with no drink in them, just as a smoker that has quit smoking and they are so used to having the cigarette between their fingers.

Find something to do so that you will not dwell on your past drinking life. You will indeed get used to having no drink in hand as I did. Granted it will take a bit of time, but as the days and weeks pass by you will learn to live life sober after being addicted to alcohol for so many years.

I learned to live sober and so can you. Keep that positive attitude and continue to tell yourself that you will beat your demons once and for all.

Life Is Precious So Live It Sober

Enjoying my sobriety and my new Grandson.
Enjoying my sobriety and my new Grandson. | Source

Same Wife But A New Life

Wife and I enjoying a nice lunch at the Marina.
Wife and I enjoying a nice lunch at the Marina. | Source

© 2014 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 2 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      promisem - Thank you for reading and your comment. I am happy to hear that your friends have found sobriety. That is so wonderful!

    • promisem profile image

      Scott Bateman 2 years ago

      Two people I know very well discovered the same lessons. Life after alcohol is precious and filled with redemption.

    • LoveLikeASunset profile image

      Holly 3 years ago from Missouri

      Good for you, that's an amazing feat. I'll be cheering for you and look forward to hearing more about your journey!