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Learning to Manage Asthma

Updated on June 19, 2013
Our breathing pathophysiology
Our breathing pathophysiology
A flowchart of asthma.
A flowchart of asthma.
A flow diagram showing the late phase response of an asthma attack.
A flow diagram showing the late phase response of an asthma attack.

Whenever I could not sleep, I usually wanted to write a new blog in my cellphone. At 1 in the morning, I keep on hearing a barking sound as if it was a dog but no, it was our neighbor who was being attacked by his asthma.

I know that some of you already knew about this condition but still their are some additional information's that might help you to prevent having an asthma attack. I hope this blog can help you on that.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that begins at an early age characterized by hyper-responsiveness, mucosal edema and mucous productions.

Symptoms includes:

  • cough with or without mucous production
  • dyspnea
  • wheezing (a whistling sound heard upon ausculation and is heard first on expiration and then during inspiration)
  • occurs at night but attacks also early in the morning
  • Chest tightness

Risk Factors includes:

  • family history
  • allergies is the strongest factor that you can get from:dust, pollens,animals,pollutants,strong odors, smoke and perfumes

If your asthma is getting worst, submit yourself to the hospital for proper treatment.

For home care remedies: Your goal is to have a patent airway to achieve this you should:

  • Adhere to the prescribed medication
  • drink a lot of water whenever you have a cough
  • a need to use a nebulizer to ease your breathing pattern
  • flowers are not allowed in your room especially when you have an air-con because of it's pollen it can spread entirely into your room and you might inhale it that can trigger your asthma.
  • clean your house to avoid the production of dust
  • cover your nose when you are outside or wear a mask instead
  • maintain a physical and mental health because attacks maybe induced by suggestions alone.

Let us help ourselves achieve a good breathing environment to have a restful sleep without any disturbance.


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      Jane 12 months ago

      Thank you! It's very informative!