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Learning to live with yourself

Updated on October 7, 2015

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Learning about you

We all started somewhere as children, the first memory I mean. I am sure if you think back you can think of it. For me, it was when I was about 5, I was jumping on the couch. Sure, not much of a memory, but it is there. In that moment, something happened that switched my memory into action, no idea what, but hey.

For most of us, this memory is probably trivial just a small little dot on our radar. These memories, if we start to look back, can show us how we started, and how we used to be. Through everything, we start to learn what we like, or don't like, and how we have behaved, and learned.

When you were a kid I am sure that you can remember not liking something for the first time. Maybe you remember your first lie. Maybe your first crush, or your first bike. When you start trying to figure yourself out, start from the beginning.

There may be a lot about yourself that you don't remember, like old friends or your favourite toys or hobbies a long time ago. Maybe, you can remember what you first wanted to be when you grew up.

Whatever it is that you recall, write it down. Go ahead, get a piece of paper and write out, well you. Everything you need to know about where you came from is there, locked up tight. Some things may be bad, those things should be written down too.

Your past does not define your future.

Take a look around you now. Start writing down things you like as an adult. Maybe some of those things are different from your youth. Maybe you don't like the same kind of music. Maybe the nostalgia will take over.

Take these sets of notes and compare them. See how much you have changed and grown as a person. Start to frame how you are together in your head piece by piece. Are you an angry person, do you love air planes, Boats, laughing?

At this point just discover who you are. Then we move on.

Learn to live with it

Sometimes, when we go through life we do things we really are not proud of. Sometimes, we do things we are proud of. These things show others who we are in a given moment, or all the time. No one really gets to see the real us. Well you do.

When you think about things you've done in your life, do you want to change them? Maybe you want a second chance. Unfortunately, for most of us, there is no second chance. Lots of us must live with whatever it is we have done.

So, do just that, learn to live with it. No matter what has happened, it is in the past. While some things can't be so easily resolved, you can accept things for what they are. Your past is your past, don't confuse it with your future.

We have all done things we are not proud of. Although, it does take a lot, the strength to push forward and accept yourself is there. Mistakes will be made. No one is perfect, and no one will ever be.

Learning to live with what you have done, especially if you are dealing with depression or anxiety from it, can be a huge relief. It may take a lot out of you, but in the end your health emotionally and psychically will start to improve to get you back where you need to be.

Owning who we are is a big sign of confidence, and can lead to a much happier you. Like I said before, we have all made mistakes.

Learn to forgive

This one may be the hardest one for most of us to do, but holding onto anger does not help anyone.

Sometimes in our lives, we run into people or conflicts that we can't deal with. Maybe people at work, maybe people from childhood. In our heads, being mad at these things is just a part of us now. While you may not realize it, that hate for another or anything will eat at you.

Learning to forgive is a huge step towards leading a more positive life. The negative emotions bring you down, sucking the life out of you. Learning to live with yourself, means learning to deal with things. This can lead you passed them, to a better future, were you so strive to be.

Dealing with these things, while it may make you cringe, might just make you see things from others views too. Sometimes, it pays to see things from the other side. Did you ever wonder why this happened to you, or why it was that person that said something, or did something? Did you ever think of there circumstances?

No not all instances deserve another side, but sometimes, the bigger picture is just as important as only yours. Learning to forgive can be a huge step. Its also one a lot of people never take. Letting go can be very difficult, but hanging on can have a bigger price.

Trust yourself

Have you ever had a thought in your head, and you didn't want to let it out, whether it was fear of rejection, or just being unsure if it is the right thing to say. Well, this comes with the territory my friend.

Trusting yourself can lead to many great things, yes it could lead to failure to, but you can't have success without failure. Let yourself shine. When you were a kid, did you say what you wanted to? I bet you did, we all did. We didn't need to be silent, we didn't worry about what others thought.

Most of us as kids, didn't realize that others thought anything. Now as adults, most other adults want this, and they want that. You have to think this way, or you have to see things that way, is what we get most of the time.

The fact of the matter is, more people need to trust themselves. We are creative as a species, yea, the combination pizza cutter/slash tooth pick was a bad idea, but hey at least we tried. The worst part about not trust yourself, is that you give up trying.

Trust can be a powerful thing. We can trust a company to treat us well, we can trust our insurance company to cover our claims, we even trust our post man to get our address right. The most important person you should be trusting is you.

Everyday you wake up, you are making a decision to go to work, or to just get out of bed. That is trust, you are trusting yourself everyday. So stop worrying about what other think, tell the boss your big idea, tell your friends what you really think. Trust yourself, because if you don't trust you, how can you trust anyone.

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Choose your own path

In conclusion

When all is said and done, just remember to be happy. Be happy with who you are, because you are unique. Learning to live with yourself can take practice. It means knowing where you have been, and where you want to go.

We have all lead lives, that others can't fully see or comprehend. In the end, everyone has a different path. Where will yours take you? Being honest with yourself, forgiving others, and trusting yourself, are all amazing steps in the right direction. Along with friends and family there is nothing that you can not accomplish.

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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 2 years ago from United States

      Nice message you have shared. Well done and well received. whonu

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 2 years ago from SW England

      Superb hub, full of great points and advice.

      It can be really hard to get rid of a bad event which affects a large chunk of one's life but I find that mentally putting it away in a plastic bag and chucking that into the bin, is a great way to deal with it. Anyone who hurt you then becomes a bit of rubbish that you throw away and it fades into insignificance.

      Trust is a wonderful thing and you are so right to say we must trust ourselves; all part of confidence and well-being.

      Sharing this because it should be read by everyone.


    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

      Your words are encouraging and wise. I learned the benefits of forgiving others over time, a long time. I hope this post helps many to regain strength to be themselves.