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Leave Pregnant Women Alone

Updated on May 17, 2016

Think before you speak.

When you are pregnant you are constantly being bombarded with questions, advice, and unwanted belly rubs. I kid you not, it happens, and it drives me nuts.

How many times in a day must one ask "how are you doing?" before they realize that your answer probably hasn't changed in the last hour. If anything has changed, I'll probably tell you if it's relevant. If it isn't relevant, then there's no reason to let you know.

As far as how we, or more specifically me, are doing well we are pregnant what exactly do you expect as an answer? We have a child growing within us, taking up all of our nutrients, energy, and space. Our once normal sized body is now the size of a small whale, and our stomachs are constantly being beat up by the little karate master inside of us. Also depending on what season it is, we are probably incredibly hot. No matter the temperature we are probably sweaty, swollen, and tired. But let's be honest, when you ask us how we are doing, you probably don't want to know those gross details. You probably want to hear that everything is all good in the oven, and that the little bun is doing well. You don't want to know that we have gas that smells like rotten eggs, or that we pee on the hour every hour, or that the smell of eggs makes us dry heave. No, no one wants to know the gory details of pregnancy so why don't you do us a favor and not ask.

Unwanted Advice.

I once had a women tell me that she didn't like to give advice to pregnant women, and then proceeded to give me advice about pregnancy and babies. Uhm, hello? Hypocrite much. Now I don't mean to sound rude but sometimes people feel the need to give unwanted advice to new mom's. or even second or third time mom's. Sure when advice is given to us we will smile and nod politely, in most cases, but in our minds we probably don't want to hear what you have to say. Pregnancy is so different for each women, therefore you can't just throw out advice and assume you are right. Your solution to morning sickness might have worked for you, but it might not work for me.

Also when it comes to parenting advice just mind your own business. Each child is different, and each parenting style is different as well. You have your own children to parent, don't try to parent my child as well.

Don't touch the belly.

One last rant. Don't touch my belly. My husband has suggested that every time someone rubs my belly, I should rub theirs back and see how they react. Let's be honest it's not socially acceptable to rub someone's tummy when you aren't pregnant, so why in the world would it be okay for someone to rub your stomach when you are pregnant. If you really must rub our stomach, ask before you touch. Otherwise prepare to possibly lose a hand. Just remember, my stomach is not a magic lamp, you will not get three wishes.

No apologies.

Now you might think I'm being incredibly rude or negative, but I assure you I'm not the only pregnant woman who thinks these things. If you have been pregnant in the past think about how you felt, or if you have never been pregnant maybe one day you will understand my frustrations. No matter the situation I hope that you have learned how to properly conduct yourself around pregnant women. In the end just know that most of us are tired, uncomfortable, and carrying around extra weight so please treat us with respect.


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