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Left Handed Problems

Updated on October 31, 2013

Left Handed People

There is a special group of people out there in the world. A group of individuals that have a dilemma. Their dilemma stems from the fact that this group is a singled-out minority. We, of this group, are special. We have accomplished many things, and often have a higher then average IQ. But, life has not made our existence easy. The Majorities, known as the righties, have set out to make our lives hell.

The Awkward Handshake

You know that moment of hesitation you have when your introduced to a new person and you have to think about which hand to offer. Or, worse, that moment of self condemnation when you put out your left hand and they look at you weird.

Or, that one rare moment when your introduced to another lefty, and you can actually shake and then give each other that knowing smile of comradeship when it works.

The Spiral Notebook

These evil devises were invented by some sadistic right handed person who hated lefties. After writing in them for any length of time, we develop spiral imprints on our wrists. When assigned long papers, the potentials for blood to flow goes up.

These Things

I don't even have to explain. Just think about it. You have to take notes, but there are three big rings in you way. So you end up holding the thing upside down or just writing on the backs of pages.


This is a subconscious thing. As lefties, we prefer to walk with our dominate side toward the street. But, that, unfortunately is in the way of other oncoming people, ugh. Then there is the fun instance when you almost walk head on to someone else. See, as a lefty, you will most likely go left to avoid them. And they, most likely being a righty, will go right. And thus the dance begins.


The cashier goes to give you your change with their right hand. You accept it with your left hand and change goes flying. This is because they are used to handing change to right handed people.

Musical Instruments

If you play a woodwind, then you luck out as a left hander. But if you want to play a guitar, it may take a lot of effort. True they make instruments for left handed people, but they cost to much.

And don't let me get started about scissors.

College Desks

You just have to love these things. They give the best back cramps I have ever had. They also inspire great competition when there is one left handed desk and three leftys in the room.

For Some Good Laughs


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