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Legacy & Carbon Footprint

Updated on April 27, 2013

Last will & testament


Legacy & Carbon Footprint

So what can I do to leave my carbon footprint before I leave this earth? First things first, we start by planning out a written plan that is part of your legacy and carbon footprint in your last will or testament, or a living will, or estate plan is a good starting point.

Your carbon footprint is something you can work on while you are living, by engaging the use of diet, exercise, recreation, sleep, and healthy environment.

A review of what you want is starting a plan of your last will or testament of where you will have your remains disposed of; how you would like your property and assets to be granted, is part of the issues in the last will and testament.

It may not be a pleasant subject to most people, but it does not have to be unpleasant and it will leave your desired legacy in writing, as well as your carbon footprint when you leave this earth. Although it is not a subject that people approach readily, it is a subject that is detrimental in establishing, so that your last wishes are carried out and funeral, assets distribution, property distribution, and insurance claims could be implemented without a lot of problems.

Many of us are faced with this dilemma every day in planning funerals for loved ones either by choice or an election not by choice. Sometimes life deals out a critical illness or even an accident could occur with a death at the helm in our daily lives. It is easier on a family to have a well thought out plan left by the deceased before departure of this earth, and his/her desired legacy, so it is not more stressful to the people left behind.

Those people who are faced with military funerals to plan need at least two people to accompany them to the military base to obtain information and proper signing of documents for all relief. Planning services for the military could become a very complicated process and there will be several branches that will be contacted for relief.

It could be devastating to some people who are emotionally devastated and who are not fully equipped to deal with circumstances of critical illness, death, and funerals. Some people cannot function to perform all the necessary functions and get all the details worked out without the assistance of a friend, relative, counselor, attorney, or estate planner.

Seeking out the guidance of an attorney or paralegal to consider your options on last wills and testaments, probate, trusts, estate planning, or living wills is essential when you have assets, monies, and property that need to be taken into consideration.

Laws are different and applicable to the state they originate from, so it is important to remember that you must abide by the laws of the given state when you create or draw up a last will or testament. When you look for an attorney to assist you and advise you in this type of issue, it is best to contact your American Bar Association or look through the yellow pages or search the internet for last wills or trusts. We will start by discussing briefly the different types of last wills and testaments that you can either make yourself or seek the help of an attorney who would be the immediate contact in disclosing your last wishes. The most important and crucial aspect of planning a last will and testament is that it must be in writing. Some wills are now considered in video, but it is best to have both visual and in writing.

A living will – A living will is a testament (in writing) that you make while you are still living and may or could have a terminal illness, or is made with your dying wishes and desires; it could be made either with or without an attorney. Some sites offer books like or that provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete living will forms.

As described in a living trust is used to transfer property to beneficiaries, while a living will lets one outline healthcare decisions in advance, and a last will is used to distribute property to beneficiaries, specify last wishes and name guardians for minors.


  1. -

Last will and testament – Could be constructed by you with or without an attorney dependent on property and monies that are being divvied up. If it is not a fortune and it can be just a few items that you want to divide among the inheritors then it could just be writing with your desires written out and how you would like it carried out. This type of will could be modified by you, changed, updated or completely revoked if you so desire.

Estate planning – This type of last will and testament is recommended if you become mentally incompetent to plan your own last will, living will, or estate affairs; it is recommended that you find an estate planning attorney to hammer out all of the details and desires of your will when you have numerous property and monies that you want granted to your specified grantees or inheritors

Revocable trust- . A trust is a legal agreement under the laws of a state in which one person or group of people manages the assets of another person or group of people for the benefit of third parties. There are virtually limitless variations as to how a trust can be amended, modified, or revoked.

Irrevocable trust - Irrevocable trusts are an effective estate-planning tool; however, they are not widely understood or used. These tools have similarities to their counterpart, revocable trusts, but also differ in many ways. Irrevocable trusts can be set up for a wide variety of situations. It is best to have an attorney because this type of will cannot be revoked, modified or amended.

These actions are part of your written carbon footprint because as you know your carbon footprint is your sediments that are left behind.

Probate- Is the process of the courts that are determining what your desires are in your last will or testament, living will, or estate planning.

In planning the written part of leaving our carbon footprint we must consider this summary of Volume 1, issues 1 thru 40 ( engaging oxygen therapy as an alternate medicine, we consider and integrate diet, sleep, exercise, our senses, recreation, vitamins, minerals, and supplements to generate oxygen naturally. We also discussed using objects, art, visuals, music, and our senses to induce oxygen naturally.

We also have at our disposal the use of artificial methods like respirators, oxygen concentrators, oxygen aerosol products, liquid oxygen, portable oxygen tanks, hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric chambers, or oxygenating filters. They are all part of the methods or processes we could engage with to induce oxygen in our bloodstream that will benefit our immune system and the betterment of our health.

The next Volume (Volume 2) will entail discussing is carbon-offsetting and how we can go green and leave behind a powerful and greener legacy in our sediments and how we treated the earth while we were still in it.

Volume 1, Issue 40, April 27, 2013


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