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Lemonades And Their Amazing Health Benefits

Updated on May 5, 2010


Lemonades are popular soft drinks used in various parts of the world. These are usually made of lemon juice, sugar and carbonated or uncarbonated water. These drinks are widely used as summer refresher in different parts of the world. As they contain lemon juice and no preservatives and other chemicals, people prefer them to get rid of tiredness during summer times.

Different Types of Lemonades

Clear Lemonade, Cloudy Lemonade and Fizzy Lemonade are three different forms of lemonades. Clear Lemonade is the combimnation of lemon juice and sweetless carbonated soda water and whereas Cloudy Lemonade is the mixture of lemon juice, sugar and uncarbonated water. The former one is popular in European countries and later type of lemonade has its popularity in US, Canada and India. The third type of Fizzy Lemonade is sweetened mixture of lemon juice and carbonated water and it is widely used in France, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Amazing Health Benefits of Lemonades

Vitamin C is available in any kind of lemonade which will be largely helpful for avoiding many helath problems. In summer seasons we can easily overcome thirst and get cooling effect to our body by drinking often these drinks. All the diseases caused because of lack of vitamin C can be cured by taking lemonades in our regular life. Scurvy, inability of liver to produce enzymes, can be solved by the intake of lemonades. People feeling the lack of appetite can find good improvement in their food habit by frequent taking of lemonades. These are naturally so powerful to avoid serious health condition of dehydration due to dysentery and vomiting. We can keep up good health of our teeth and gums with the regular intake of lemonades. These are also porducing nice results in case of insomnia which is a common health problem found among the mass of people from world wide.

They Are Ideal to Use While Traveling by Road or Rail

Most of our people particularly who have crossed the age of 35 years may find it difficult to get good sleep while traveling by rail or road in night times. If they had good sleep while traveling, they would be certainly free from traveling sickness and moreover it would be a pleasant journey as they were able to spend their traveling time peacefully. The other common health problems arising while long traveling by road are change in color of urine and eye irritation. To avoid these health problems, we can take lemonades while traveling or just one hour bfore starting our journey. I am writing this because already I had my nice experience with lemonades while traveling in nigt times. Once I was able to get good night sleep with the help of lemonades as I took them just one hour before my journey. So, if anybody feel difficult to get sleep during night traveling , he or she can make it peaceful by taking lemonades. These things are also producing nice results while taking them in day traveling. Not only are they helpful to overcome thirst in day traveling and they are also help us enjoy our day traveling as we can be free from tiredness.

Lemonade Diet, The Natural Way to Keep Our Body Health

The Lemonade Diet, also called Master Cleanse, was invented by the dietician Stanley Burroughs in the year 1941 AD. This is of course natural way of treatment which helps detox our body and make it free from impurities, toxins and unnecessary fat. We can also get cleaned kidneys and digestive system by this method. It is widely folowed by those who want to get rid of obesity problem. This will be usually followed for more than 10 or 15 days to get satisfactory result. When we follow this lemonade diet, we need to take only fresh lemon juice mixed with pure water, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper to meet our energy requirements. In one method of lemonade diet, salt water flush (mixture of hot water, lemon juice and reqd. amount of salt) is taken in morning times and a cup of tea at evenings. However, it is true that we need some will power to get succeed in this special treatment. We can also reduce the number of days of lemonade diet incase we feel some difficult about it.


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  • rajan jolly profile image

    Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

    I love lemonade made with plain water. No sugar.

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Anamika S, Thank you very much for leaving your nice comments. I love these lemonades so much. According to my experience we can easily get amazing health experience when we follow them just for one or two days each week.

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 7 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    I like Lemonades, especially the fizzy variety. But i did not know it had these many benefits.

  • profile image

    jrodular 7 years ago

    I will tell you that this is a VERY well writeen Hub, but I just didn't feel it was a a topic most people care about. Nonetheless, time for some lemonade : )

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear seryhu, Thanks a lot for coming here and leaving your nice comments!

  • seryhu profile image

    seryhu 7 years ago from Canada

    I'm just gonna make a lemonade right now!

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear drbj, A lot of thanks for reading this Hub and leaving your nice comments. Lemonades are my favorite drinks and I already have some nice health experiences with them.

  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

    Thank you, ratnaveera, for the clear explanation of the three different kinds of lemonade. I didn't realize there were three different types. Always figured lemonade is lemonade, period. Now I'm a lemonade maven, thanks to you.