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Lessons From Nature

Updated on November 27, 2015

Nature is inspiration. Human have observed and adopted many thing from the nature. Starting from the theory of Gravity . Human have always looked at nature as a genius creation of the 'creator' Using it as a model, they start mirroring the idea.

How something similar to the 'nature' can solve human needs and problems ... ?? The idea for this hub is just to spread awareness and nothing more. But probably if we have been looking at some nature's creation that amazes us, probably we can work out a new 'invention' ourselves.

Nature inspired inventions

  • Flying birds → Aeroplanes
  • Camera → Eyes
  • Construction Crane → Arm and Hand
  • Solar Panel → Leaf
  • Submarine → Fish
  • Anesthetics → Poison and Venom
  • Mirror → Reflection in water

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Biomimicry or Biomimetics is a very new term for the study on nature's designs and copying them to assist in human creations and inventions.

Living organism evolve and little changes occur with each passing generation, organisms change more and more over time to suit the environment. . Darwin's theory support the possibility of 'Biological Evolution' happening.

Inspiration from this changes by nature to adapt to this ever changing environment can be 'copied' by human to readjust and survive in the same environment.

The Biomimicry Institute which was founded in 2006 by Janine Benyus interprets the term as

"The core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems we are grappling with. Animals, plants, and microbes are the consummate engineers. After billions of years of research and development, failures are fossils, and what surrounds us is the secret to survival."

The Field of Biomimicry

Nature Inspired Solution for Healthy Planet - Air Purifying Billboard

Air-purifying billboard in Peru cleans 3.5 million cubic feet of pollution per day
video courtesy UTEC, the University of Engineering and Technology

Nature Inspired Solution for Healthy Planet :Hydrogen Cell Power Plant

Scientist Daniel G Nocera created an "artificial leaf" that mimics photosynthesis in plants for use in a decentralized energy system. This 'artificial leaf' splits water into hydrogen and oxygen by only using suns rays

Video MIT News Office

Nature Inspired Solution for Healthy Planet :Aquaporin Inside

This is a technology that is capable of separating and purifying water from all other compounds. Its based on basic water transporting system in all organisms

Nature Inspired Solution for Healthy Planet - BioBatteries

This is an energy storing device that is powered by organic compounds like glucose. Like enzymes break down glucose in human body, this batteries break down the glucose and store them as energy for later use.

Biobattery is still under development stages.


Nature Inspired Solution for Sports - Sharkskin Swimsuit

A new swimming suit was designed and introduced in the Athens Olympic 2004. The technological body suit was invented to cut through water with the frictionless ease of a shark giving it the name as Sharkskin Swimsuit using a material called Fastskin.

According to an article in Science In The News a study on the texture of a shark’s skin and its movement through water found that the skin had tiny teeth-like columns called dentciles . The denticles were slanted toward its tail, directing the flow of water around the shark's body. This reduces drag so that it can swim faster and with less effort.


Borrowing ideas from nature, they get inspiration to work on inventions, arts and crafts. Even some designers and architect are getting their inspiration from nature.

From the beginning of time nature has been the source of influence to inventors.

As what Janine Benyus said , “Learning about the natural world is one thing, learning from the natural world is another.”

Transforming the ideas using the available technology, advanced technology to be exact makes more creative and innovative solutions for earths need.

Lets wait and see ... what more nature is going to offer us and our future generations.


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    • Hazel Abee profile image

      Hazel Abee 2 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi Aladdin, actually the list of items created goes on and on ... I will keep exploring and adding to the list ... thank you very much

    • Aladdins Cave profile image

      Aladdins Cave 2 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Hazel,

      I think you have a wonderful Hub here, but I wish it was a bit longer.

      I was enjoying the read when it ended.

      I have also tweeted it for you. Maybe you will get some more readers

      Cheers from DOWNUNDER