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Let Love Define Your Actions

Updated on August 6, 2013

How to Define Yourself

What does it mean to define yourself or other people that you may know? This question has been asked many times. This question has the same meaning for every person, but the answer is always different. To define yourself and other people means being understood correctly. The first meaning is that you are addressing a person's actions, which defines a person in many different ways like positively and negatively. The second meaning is a person's thought process and attitude, which can also be positive or negative. This meaning includes personality traits, flaws, and even habits that a person carries daily.

The two meanings, when intertwined, become one existing definition that defines a person to themselves and to other people, like how they usually are and act. The overall definition of a person includes their likes and dislikes, actions (which most can usually be altered these days), and habits. The definition of a person is important because many people are judged based on their definition. This particular topic is really the answer to the most asked, deepest, and most profound question of all time 'Who am I?'

What Defines You?

A person's actions and attitude are about 95% of what defines a person. A person's actions is a way for that person to learn. A person's actions should always be thought about before being acted upon because the consequences or reaction to those actions chosen may be serious.

A person's attitude is what the world sees when they are making their judgement and also feeding off it. The attitude any person carries can have either a positive or a negative effect upon their life and upon the lives of the other people around them. A person's attitude can define them more than their likes and dislikes can. The attitude a person carries is the first thing another person notices about some one else, besides their actions. Negativity and being down all of the time is toxic and contaminating to any person's life, which enhances the need for others to avoid them. When answering the question of what defines you and or other people around you, always notice actions and attitude first, which can best describe the remaining traits of a person for a full picture.

Let Love Define Your Actions

When acting, some times people don't think first. This includes people who drink, but then drive or people who love some one but then hurt them. When thinking about your actions and the actions that define you, do any of them include positiveness and happiness? What about smiling and even compassion? Actions of love should always be a part of what defines a person because this is also the memory that is left with other people when that person passes away. A good definition of that person, with their name and specific dates, is some times imprinted on a person's tombstone for remembrance. How would you want the world to remember you and your definition, including what you stood for?

This hub is about letting love define your actions, because a person's actions are always what defines them. A person's actions can vary from intention to meaning, but should always include love for a more uplifting way of life, which can lead to positive changes. When love defines a person more than material things and money, this is a more fulfilling and satisfying feeling that will last much longer.

1. Respect is Always the First Method for Love Defining Your Actions.

Many people, including men, women, and even teenagers just want respect from other people. They should also give away respect in return, to themselves and to other people around. This means understanding a person's different opinions, views, and even beliefs while still showing compassion. This means staying positive when another person does not agree and not interfering with or trying to change that opinion. Discrimination is the opposite of respect, which is showing hatred for other people's differences. Respect is the number one way of letting love define your actions, and you as a person. Respect is a wonderful way to define yourself, and any other person, but it must be given away.

2. Consideration is the Second Way to Let Love Define Your Actions.

Consideration for others is a way of showing thoughtfulness and compassion, which is influenced by love defining a person's actions instead of rudeness. This is a way to demonstrate how respect is there for a person from another person. A great example is talking while some one else is talking, which is an example of being inconsiderate, along with disrespectful Consideration is also best when given away so that others are also considerate to you in return.

3. Patience is a Virtue for Love Defining Your Actions.

This involves contently waiting, no matter what the situation and how frustrating it may be. Patience is known also a virtue, which is moral excellence. Letting love define your actions in this way will be a higher way of life, while increasing patience that is also returned. When patience is shown by other people for other people, patience will be shown back. It is often said that good things come to those who wait, so maybe this is loving action is so very true.

4. Kindness is Another Way to Let Love Define Your Actions.

This is an act or a state of being that includes good behavior, with a pleasant disposition and sincere concern for others. Random acts of kindness are a great way for a person's soul to express having compassion and thought for other people. Natural feelings of contentment, relaxation, and even satisfaction are gained through acts of kindness, and this will also be returned when given away.

5. Not Judging a Person is Great for Letting Love Define Your Actions.

Unfortunately judgment happens every day in this world, with every one. This happens within social groups, personal life, and even within certain communities. Judging a person is not a loving action, which instead is understanding that no one is perfect. Judgement is a very negative action that is hurtful and can be serious. This definition of a person, that they are judgmental, will encourage others to avoid their presence because it is not loving and happy to be around. Instead of judging other people, try to practicing these ways on this list to let love define your actions, instead of judgement and negativity.

6. Forgiveness is a Hard Lesson, but Great for Letting Love Define Your Actions.

This is a very hard aspect for most people to learn because forgiving is always difficult to do. When people have been hurt by other people, they often do not want to forgive them and wish bad things upon them. Now, respect is always supposed to be given, so forgiving them should also be included. This is difficult, but only time alone can take care of this one. Forgiveness is the foundation to a more secure and happy life along with a loving definition that many people can learn from and be positively influenced by.

This Video Helps to Explain Every Person's Definition

Does Love Define You?

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      Cristale 4 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for reading!

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      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      A strong and loving article. Well-written. You need more readers.