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Stop Stressing Over Everything

Updated on November 4, 2014

Coping With Stress: Techniques

Take Time Off
Find Someone To Talk To
Seek Help

Stress and You

The dishes are all piled up in the sink, starting to get a bit smelly. Speaking of smelly when is the last time you showered? You look like you aged ten years since the last time you were happy. There is no time for anything. When your clothes are all dirty you just by new ones and your running out of energy.

It is time to have a seat and think about what this life is doing to you. Is there away to get everything done and organized? I think it is time to have a seat and start thinking about what stress is going to do to you.

Stress Can Cause:

Hair To Fall Out

Stress can potentially cause hair to fall out teporarily and in rare cases permanetly. Trust me it is no fun to see clumps of hair fall out with every shower and every brush.

Mood Swings Like You Would Not Believe

Stress will make everyone around you suffer. Everything is someone elses fault and nothing is ever going to be right. The world is against you and always will be. Everythig will make you an emotional wreck ad no one seems to understand you. Some may not even want to be around you. Which makes everything much worse.

Eating Disorders

Stress can make you dig around for food. Eating everything and anything in sight. Causing you to gain weight. Which that will just cause even more stress for you.

Stress can cause you not to eat. Picking at food or even worse just going without causing your body to starve you start to lose weight making your body week and causing your body to feel faitgued and drained.


Talk about life going to quickly you look way older than your friends nd you're youner than most of them. Does that put extra stress on you? It is probably time to relax and take a mental vacation before the stress really gets to you.

Bad Habits

Habits like drinking, and drugging can often be related to stress. Hoping these poisons can make you feel better. Chances are it will help for a moment. But, it will eventually make you feel ten times worse. Wanting a substance more than anything you would give your home for it.

No matter why you are stressed you deserve better. It is not healthy and could potentially cause you harm. Stress is a poison, and once it is in your system it takes a lot of time to fully drain the stress from your system. Take time off work and let a family member take care of pets and children. It is time to get you back to yourself for everyone's sake. Trust me you will not forget it; even if it is fr you alone.

What is your number one stress?

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    • Lightshare profile image

      Lightshare 5 years ago

      You are doing a great job! Thanx for tips.

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      Some great information on how to handle stress, Traci21. :)

    • Traci21 profile image

      Traci 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks April :)

    • april holland profile image

      April Savage 5 years ago from Florida

      Writing is a great stress reliever and exercise is awesome too. Never hurts to get a punching bag! Great article and very useful....

    • Traci21 profile image

      Traci 5 years ago from North Carolina

      I love hitting the punching bag when I am upset! Next best thing is writing!

    • Omnivium profile image

      Omnivium 5 years ago

      After I go to the gym and work out really hard, I actually feel more relaxed. It's weird how exercise is physically stressful, but mentally relaxing.


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