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Let your imagination take shape and transform into goal

Updated on June 13, 2015

Let your imagination take shape and transform into goal

Those who are brought up in well affluent family background may have a privilege of getting everything at will and effortlessly, attributable to their plentiful of resources. Choosing their field of interests by knowing their intrinsic talent and accordingly chasing their goals would not be difficult for them. But a person with humble family background doesn’t have that leisure of going berserk to chase its dreams. It takes a lot in fixing the priorities of a person coming from humble background. Sometimes it takes whole life of a person to chase his dreams still they remain unfulfilled. Such is the plight of a common man belonging to an average humble background.

Life does not come easy for a person coming from a deprived or a week section of society. Such person has to compromise with many things including education, career and living standards in the life. For such people it’s very difficult to find out the education and career of their natural talent and interest. Sometimes for a person belonging to affluent class too may have to opt for a field against its interests due to some unavoidable circumstances. In such cases one must not give up the hopes and no need to be desperate at all. Instead one must make efforts for finding work of interests and fulfilling the dreams.

Never let any negativity to destroy your creativity. Creativity may have many dimensions. Somebody might be good in sports while somebody has good writing skills. Somebody may have multi talents too. Sometimes lack of proper counseling in our student life we tend to choose such courses that doesn’t suited the best to us. Sometimes because of uncontrollable substances we are given to accept the line which doesn’t suit us the best. If we have opted for courses of our low interests at long last we come to choose a work that not of our choice but we get to do that due to lack of other options available. So we get forced to move on in such direction where all that we get doesn’t bring satisfaction to us and no more we can remain natural.

This kind of stage may bring disappointment and rupture on our intrinsic capability. So if you are victim of such substances where you are not allowed to do the work of your interests start thinking how to change the stream. Every human being is bestowed with some kind of specific virtues or talent. We need to recognize that talent where we set fit. Don’t depend upon others. Don’t make too expectations from your kith and kin. Never break relations with your relatives just because they don’t agree with you or they don’t help you in time of need. Don’t expect someone would come there for you to tell that what are good and what not for your future and career. You will have to mull over on the intrinsic specific capability bestowed on you by nature. Search that and start working on it. Find out the ways of getting success. Before deciding the ways plan well all strategies to evaluate how your impending decisions would bring about the desired outcomes.

We all are human beings and have that capability to change the future course of outcome by working hard in present. A solid planning of future can be done even by not letting affected our present responsibilities. We must work towards our favorable area, but not on cost of destroying our present. Play each role well whatever is given to you in every phase of life. Without compromising with your present responsibilities you have to plan as well as execution well of that planning nothing less than a very hard work can make it. You will have to burn the midnight oil to make your dreams come true.

When you have finalized what has to be achieved and started working towards getting it, don’t get bothered about the fear of failures. Make efforts honestly and do your utmost all the time tirelessly. There may come certain failures too on way but don’t let them disappoint you. Instead overcome them strongly and be more determined to make your dreams come true.


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