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When Lethargy is a serious Threat

Updated on August 14, 2014

Lethargy can be the outcome of many underlying health problems. These problems can worsen if they are not properly treated. Lethargy is often among the first symptom in any major diseases. So consult your doctor if it is persistent and accompanied by other health issues before it is late.


When to Start Thinking Seriously about Lethargy

Lethargy is not a real serious issue many times when it is a result of couple of late night sleep or overexertion. In this case you can easily overcome it by taking a good night sleep, eating well or taking proper rest. It can become a threat if it is accompanied by other serious health issues or if it is persistent and you can not control it for long time. If you are persistently feeling lethargic, dizzy or down you might need to analyze your routine, your health and should consult doctor as soon as possible. When lethargy is the result of some serious physical or mental ailment you might find many other symptoms along with it. Some of these symptoms can be as follows.

Dizziness With lethargy comes dizziness too often. Person who feels dizzy is less energetic and can not concentrate well on routine activities. Performance gets slow and as a result you feel depressed all the time. This dizziness can be a result of some serious serious health problem and it might be due to some temporary ailment like fever, cough or cold. If dizziness persists for long along with lethargy without any visible reason do consult a physician for your complete health check up.

Weight Loss Sudden, rapid or unexpected weight loss means that there is something wrong going inside. If lethargy is accompanied by weight loss it means that you are rapidly becoming ill due to some internal problem. In many diseases like diabetes, cancer and other organ failure people lose weight before any other symptom may appear.

Loss of Appetite Problems with appetite emerge in many health ailments due to internal problems your digestive system too work slow and your feeling of hunger may diminish. Lethargy, weight loss, dizziness and loss of appetite are all very common symptoms in hepatitis, jaundice, cancer and in kidney problems.

Depression Sometimes depression also accompanies lethargy. Depression is a state of denial and rejection from the world which surrounds you.

Poor Sleep Sleep disorders emerge as a result of many health ailments. Poor sleep also becomes a cause of lethargy and dizziness. Lack of sleep along with severe lethargy means that there might be some underlying psychological problems.

Chest Problems Chest problems are in itself serious symptoms of respiratory health issues. When there is some respiratory problem going on you feel lethargic due to severe coughing, poor sleep and cold etc.

Continuous Fever Fever, especially one which lasts for many days and does not get cured by simple home remedies or simple medicines, means that due to some problem with one of your organ inside you are having recurring fever and lethargy. Continuous fever with lethargy also means that you are getting weak inside and your body can not cope it any more. Nutritional deficiency can also be the reason for it. Start paying attention as soon as possible.

Severe Pain If there is also severe pain along with lethargy in any part of your body it is evident that the problem lies in the place where pain is occurring. Pin in legs, arms, shoulders and back might be due to some extra work you have put on your mind or body recently but if it lasts for days and days and you can not get rid of it you need to consult a doctor for this. Lack of some nutrient in your body may also cause this, calcium deficiency causes pain in legs and arms.

Pin in some other part of your body is more dangerous especially if there is no visible reason for it. Stomach or kidney pain with lethargy, dizziness and weight loss means that your organ is on greater risk since most of the critical symptoms are visible.

Urinary Problems Lethargy with urinary problems clearly means that it is due to some renal issue inside.

Rapid Heart Rate Fast heart beat, lethargy, lack of energy, confusion and lack of interest in routine activities is simply result of coronary diseases.

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Some Common Ailments that can can Cause Lethargy

Most of the below mentioned ailments start from lethargy, dizziness, lack of energy as well as confusion. When lethargy becomes persistent and is accompanied by other problems too ask your physician to have a check up for any serious issue.

Thyroid Problem

Kidney Infection

Depression and other Psychological Problems

Hepatitis, Diabetes or Jaundice

High or Low Blood Pressure



Sleep Deprivation

Side Effects of Medicines

Alcohol or drug use


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