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Let's Break Some Health Rules

Updated on June 19, 2013

It's All A Myth

We all know about the scare tactics our parents used on us as kids."Don't cross you eyes you'll get stuck like that. Eat your veggies. You need 8 hours of sleep and so on.

Well here are a few myths you need not worry about.

Cracking You Knuckles

The perception is that this addiction will cause osteoarthritis. It may be frustrating, but no healthcare research confirm cracking your knuckles will cause osteoarthritis. However, some health professionals say cracking your knuckles regularly may harm your fingers in other ways (besides annoying your colleagues), so it's best to stop the compulsion. Ever consider where the sound comes from?? When you extend your fingers you yank the bones, developing an air pocket around the joints. When the pops jolts, it creates the cracking sound.

Don't Go Outside With Wet Hair

It may cause you to feel cold (wet hair doesn't protect well), but it won't generate sickness. The common cold is caused by a virus that is usually spread by minute droplets from somebody's coughing or sneezing. To avoid the cold, you're better off washing your hands often and avoiding populated places or close contact with someone who's ill. What does make you more susceptible to a cold virus: exhaustion, stress, and certain bad allergic reactions.

Swimming After Eating

Sorry, but there's no proof that this causes any pain, which could possibly lead to drowning. While it's true that consuming food diverts some blood vessels to the intestinal tract, most experts are in agreement your body can still provide enough fresh air and blood vessels during exercise to keep pain from occurring. Eating a big meal may cause you to feel too full to run around, but it won't drown you.

Eight Cups of Water a Day

As long as you're consuming enough so that you don't feel dehydrated, you pee often, and your pee is nearly without color, you're probably getting enough water. And keep in mind that miracle "eight glasses a day" contains water you get from meals and other drinks, and those help you obtain other nutritional value, too. While water is necessary, some healthy solutions to H20 consist of broth-based soup and water-laden fruits and veggies such as cucumbers, and melons.

Sugar Makes Kids Hyper

While too much of it will cause tooth problems, it’s a common belief that sugar creates adhd in kids. This concept was examined in a variety of kids, such as those considered to be vulnerable to glucose. Analysis found that although kids absorbed well over their regular everyday consumption, neither regular sugar or aspartame,a synthetic sweetener, negatively impacted the kid's actions. Other research verified these results.

The ’Five-Second’ Rule

We’ve all observed this one when someone scoops food off the floor, as if viruses stand by with a stop-watch to lock onto food items. In 2004, a university college student known as Jillian Clarke examined this concept and discovered that it was nothing but a perception. However, her research discovered that food falling on a rug enticed less germs than if it fell on a hard surface.


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      Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

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