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Let's Glamorize Teen Pregnancy With Statistics!

Updated on September 6, 2012


16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom follow teenaged girls who are pregnant and the girls who are now mothers. Some people have been arguing that these shows were glamorizing teen aged pregnancy. This show glamorizes pregnancy by custody battles, finding babysitters, failing school, looking for ways to go to school, and unable to be the person they were before they had a baby. Does that sound glamorizing to you?


My Story

In December of 2008 I became a mother. I was 17 years old. I had the typical troubles of being a mother and trying to finish my last year of high school. Glamorizing? Not at all! I loved my daughter and would do anything for her. But, with all honesty it was hard. I was juggling being a mom, a student, and being in a relationship with her father.

Quickly, I realized being a mother was all about sacrifices. So when I finished high school I left my family and friends to give my daughter a better life. Three years later I have a family. My daughter has her father and mother and a little brother. I know I made the best decision for us, and I will continue to make sacrifices for my kids.

My life is not glamorizing and I would tell all teenagers it is best not to have a child until you have finished your hopes and dreams and established a healthy home and relationship.

Teen Pregnancy of 2008

Ages Of Focus
Pregnancy Rate
Birth Rate
Abortion Rate
Total Pregnancies
Estimated Miscarriages/Still births
I chose to focus on the year 2008 since that was the year I turned into a parent.


Being a teenager is already difficult. Exploring the person you want to become and becoming an adult. Getting pregnant will make that process harder and longer. Even if a teenager has an abortion or puts the baby up for an adoption. Its adult choices and decisions that no teenager should have to face.

More Statistics

Many parents trust their child to make good decisions and let them go to parties and hangout with friends. No parent thinks about their child getting pregnant or getting a girl pregnant. It just happens. Which is why as parents we need to talk about every detail and every statistic.

More Statistics To Think About:

  • 34% of girls will have at least one pregnancy before the age of 20.

  • 79% of teen moms are unmarried

  • 80% of teen pregnancy is unintended

  • 25% of teen moms have a second child before their first child is 2 years old.

Choices within the major decisions

There is a few choices a teen can make when it comes to her pregnancy and baby but there will always be decisions within those choices they will need to make.

Keeping the baby:

Choosing to keep the baby is just three tough words for a teen. Now there is more choices she will have to think about.

  • Will she finish school?

  • Should she start her life with the baby's father?

  • Is staying single an option?

  • Will she raise the baby or a parent or other family member?

Choosing Adoption:

Two difficult words for any mother to say or choose. But, before signing papers she has to think about a few things before she does anything.

  • An open adoption

  • A closed adoption


Once this procedure is done there is no going back. It is permanent. Since this procedure is done and the pregnancy is ended it is not over. There is something many girls face.

  • Regret; many girls abort a child so she does not have to face her parents and/or the baby's father.

  • Depression; thinking about ending a life to an incent baby even before it has begun to live is another feeling some girls will face.

  • Anger; if the teen feels she was pushed into a procedure before she could think more about the baby.

Not Glamorizing

A teens life does not start to change once she has a baby it starts the day she gets a positive pregnancy test. It is not glamorizing. It is not easy. Its not always exciting, like a planned pregnancy is; the way every pregnancy should be. A young mom will get looks and judged and they will most likely need their parent to make them feel like they are not a horrible person, because they are not. They need love and as much support as they can get.

Teen moms also need encouragement. To finish high school and go to college so they can support their child and give that child everything they need.

Preventing your teenager from becoming a parent.

Teen pregnancy is preventable. It is important to talk to teens and make sure they have a strong bond with both parents. Those with mommy and/or daddy problems seek out attention from others and can lead to a number of things like pregnancy or abuse.

Having a close relationship with both parents will also give teens someone to come to when they become active or when they're thinking about it.


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    • ccurry profile image

      Carolyn Curry 

      6 years ago from US

      What courage you have. I comend you Mama so glad you decided to make such a grown up decision. I bet you realize the beauty when you look at them beautiful eyes.. Thanks for sharing..


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