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Let’s Increase Height with These Natural Tips

Updated on June 2, 2013

Most people always concerned about their height. Well, this is the right article for that issue. In this article, you will be exposed with several tips, ways and information to increase height, which is divided into two parts, medical and natural. But in this article we will skip the medical ways. So, if you are one of those people who have always wished to increase their height naturally, then read on to find out how you can achieve this.

To grow taller naturally, first you need to know that it’s also divided into 2 parts, which is "before or when puberty" and "after puberty".

Before or When Puberty

1) Drink a lot of Milk.

If you are at this stage, then please pay attention during this section. In this stage, your growth plate is still open, so, to let your body grow in maximum result, drink a lot of milk, at least 3 glasses of milk every day. Milk contains vitamins and minerals which is really does help you grow taller. It’s also contains calcium that can helps strengthens your bone, and thus can prevent your bone from stunted which is damage is the fact. Besides milk, foods that contain calories, nutrition, protein and amino acids also really helpful on growth process while puberty or even after puberty. But, mostly when puberty because in this stage, your growth plate still open.

2) Active in Sports.

By active in sports, you can stimulate you growth hormone release in maximum result. You can do different kinds of sports in your age which is football, baseball, martial-art, badminton, tennis and much more. If you have no friends to play, you can also being active by jogging, climbing, and cycling. I would suggest swimming. You must have seen so many swimmers who really have a good height with them right?

3) Get Enough Sleep

Most important is to get enough sleep, since you're in puberty age, you need at least 9 hours of sleep every night. Our body does most physically growth process while sleep. Lack of sleep can cause a person to be stunted. So, do not take this advice lightly.

After Puberty

At this stage, your growth plate has been close and your body technically was stopped growth. But, don't worry. Even our growth plate has been close, our body is still producing growth hormone, just slower than when puberty. Can you imagine what happen if we can increase our growth hormone producing level in this stage? You know the answer… Okay, so how to increase its level?

1) Exercise and Stretching

By doing exercise and stretching, you're not just stimulating your growth hormone, but you can improve your posture which is one of really works method to increase height. You can do so many things to improve your posture like Yoga, stretching, stand and sit in proper way and by doing certain exercises. You can also lengthen your spine to improve your posture, for example by doing neck exercise. The conclusion is you can increase your height up to 1 inch by following this method.

2) Foods

Best foods which can affect your growth are containing the essential vitamins and minerals like liver, eggs, red meat/meats, chicken and fish. For vegetables/fruits I would recommend yellow/green fruits/vegetables and kelp (it's a sea vegetable!). Diet also can help height growth since obese is one of the reason why our growth hormone releasing level decreased, so you need to minimal the amount of meat and chicken that you take on your menu.

3) Hanging On Bar

This method does not affect our growth hormone, but it proved can help increase height after puberty. Do this method often, I would suggest every day. When hanging on bar, gravity will pull our body down thus lengthening our spine. Some people claim that this method isn’t works. But, it works on me, so I guess maybe they didn’t do it continuously or choosing the wrong time to practice this method.

Being taller makes us feel more intimidating, confident, attractive, and even makes us seem thinner. By following these easy tips which is divided in two different situations, you'll grow at least 2 inch in 6-8 weeks depend on your body. Not, everyone is same because we all have our own genetic treat. It’s very satisfying when your friends, family and especially your lover realize on your height and start to talk about it.

If you are very serious about your height and really interested to increase height, you need to learn more detail about growth hormone, stretching movement that affect height, good sleep position to helps growth and prevent from stunted, when and how often to do proper exercise, and lot more about techniques, ways, methods and also plan in detail. Increasing height is not a burden it is a way of healthy life.


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