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Lets Keep Our Bellies Flat Shall We?

Updated on August 5, 2013

Keep This Belly Flat

When Your Shape Can Become A Problem

Let me ask this question. Do you have a flat belly?
If your stomach is a flat as the Prairies in US, or Vojvodina in Europe then you have nothing to worry about. This article is for those fat and obese men and women who have been trying to get rid of the bulge in their stomachs due to accumulation of unhealthy fat.

Yes, fat is a healthy thing to have in your body but excess of it turns to be a health issue.

Weight loss is my fascination and whenever I get useful information I want to share it with one and all therefore I want you to be all ears and eyes while reading this post.

Here Is An Interesting Story
I just moved to another part of a city of 400.000 people (that is what the statistics say) and that very day met a guy about my age of 55 who amicably welcomed me to their neighborhood. We became real good friends and my first lunch in that area of the city was in his home. I was too busy unpacking, arranging and dumping things I feel I don't need to cook. So he invited me to his home to meet his wife. Children, adults and having their own families.

The food was extremely tasty and I relished on it with passion. I love to eat tasty foods by the way.

It was setting my eyes on his wife that made me to think. She was too oversized my friend (I thought that in myself but never told him?) and he as slim and flat bellied as I am. What a combination!

As we were dining and conversations became hotter she called me by name and said "We were very open and loved to meet people, make friends and having fun but my husband doensn't take me out like before. Whenever I suggest such things; he always comes up with an excuse". I can see where the conversation was going, so I tried to through in a couple of jokes. It didn't work.

Not to bother you. This guy is simply ashamed to take his wife out due to her overweight. Period! He loves her! That I can see but then outings? C'mmon!

I tried to turn the coversation around once again and asked to look at pictures in their album. What a very big blunder I made! She brought out 5 albums from the time they were dating, the bethrothal, their marriage ceremony, their children in youth etc. Her youthful picture shows that she was extremely smashing as a young lady but as time went on; she became obese with bellies protuding above proportion.

As soon as her husband went to the shops for some groceries, she came out into the open. She called me by name again "I have uncontrolled urge to eat just anything that comes my way. I believe I have eating disorders. Do you know of any way by which I can get a solution? I have tried several methods but nothing worked. I am aware that my husband's behavior must have something to do with my fatness".

What a great lady? What guts! She won my respect that instant. Period!

I am curious to know what people think about this kind of situation. A lot of people suffer in silence due to one thing or another and they seem to have no clue how to solve it just like this amazing woman.


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