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Let's go on the HGC diet

Updated on March 7, 2013

HCG Diet

I am thinking about trying the HCG Diet. I really need to loose at least 40 pounds and with everything in today's world I want to do it quickly. I have done much research regarding the HCG diet and this is some general information I found:

HCG is the human chronic gonadotropin, its a hormone produced by the placenta when pregnant.It's naturally produced in the body. The main function of HCG is to protect the fetus by getting nutrients from abnormal fat storage If it is injected into a non pregnant person it has the same effect.

Some other information regarding this diet is I can only eat 500 calories a day. I have to drink plenty of water and the only exercise I am allowed to do is walking. According to the rules of the diet I should loose a pound a day.It is a 40 day program so I should lose 40 pound give or take a few pounds. There is this place in Atlanta that offers this diet for $820. I think this is an expensive fee but I also feel like it could be worth it. There are mixed review all over the internet. I am really thinking about giving this diet a try.


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