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Lichi Superfoods Dietary Supplement - my review

Updated on July 17, 2013
The full line of products
The full line of products
Ingredient list
Ingredient list

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Can a Natural Dietary Supplement Work?

I should not complain when it comes to my weight loss journey but when I look at my husband who has lost a hundred pounds in the past year...I sometimes get my knickers in a twist and look for something to enhance my results. Please note that I do NOT encourage losing weight by diet pills alone. I eat an organic diet (which is why I am leery of diet pills) and workout at least 3 times a week. Now, I am no bodybuilder! My workouts are simply walking, elliptical workouts, zumba, or 2 hour fitness sessions for me.

Over the past few months, I have experimented with a few different diet pills. Some gave me the shakes, some did nothing, and some actually helped!

One notable diet pill was Roxylean. WOW did it make a difference in my workout. I felt a burn, had tons of energy, and had fantastic workouts. Here was why I could not take the Roxylean...My face became instantly warm and tingly which was okay BUT I had horrid stomach pains! I quickly ran to GNC one day after the stomach cramping became unbearable looking for advice or potentially directions to head to the hospital. It turned out that I was having a reaction to the massive amount of niacin in the pills. I have read others reviews and they have not everyone has had this reaction. My friend also tried Roxylean and had zero reactions and GREAT results so I say it works....just not for me! If you are interested in taking Roxylean for a test pin, check out your local GNC or Nutrition store. They often have free samples of Roxylean that they will readily give you!

After my crazy week on Roxylean, I had totally abandoned the idea of using any supplements to loose weight. Diet pills really don't fit into my organic lifestyle nor are they usually a great long term solution for weight loss. I am insisting that I will drop the weight in a healthy way...not by crash dieting! That ideology all changed after I attempted dropping a few pounds by trying the same diet plan my hubby was on-I gained 5 pounds while he lost 5! Talk about discouraging! After this defeating weight gain, I was in need of a little kick in the weight loss pants so I decided to find a supplement that better defined what I was looking for. While feeling the sting of the weight gain while shopping at the grocery, I came across a bottle of Lichi superfood dietary supplement pills. One bottle lasts 30 days, it was priced reasonably, and it is a natural supplement so I decided to give it a try. I can honestly say that I am in LOVE! After 5 days, I was down 5 pounds and ad finally broken through a plateau that I have been stuck at for months!


*I have TONS of energy

*I am not as hungry as usual and while I still have an appetite, I have been able to eliminate snacks.

*No shaky feeling (less caffeine than other "diet pills"

*Workouts feel better and more intense

The Ingredients

  • Green tea extracts
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Cayenne Pepper Fruit
  • Litchi Fruit
  • And others!

I went online to do some research and found that not only does the Lichi company have diet pills but they also have a cleanse, appetite suppressants, meal replacement shakes, and more. They also recommend that you use these in conjunction with a healthy diet and excercise. I Love that they mention "real food" and promote a good mix of proteins, carbs, and veggies!

I know...I know...a proper diet and exercise should make you loose weight anyway, right?!? Well, while that is true....I was already doing these things and stuck at a plateau. Just a few days after adding the Lichi Superfood Dietary Supplement pills....I broke through the Plateau and dropped a few pounds! So something inside these little magic pills did what it was supposed to!

The Diet Plan:

The company promotes a 1600 calorie day and have provided the following guidelines for their 30 day challenge...

Foods to Avoid:

Soda (even diet!)

Candy High-fat dairy products

White carbs like white rice, bread, and crackers

Processed, packaged, and fast foods* Many of these foods offer little or no nutritional value and are just fillers for “real” food.

Foods to Choose From:

Fruits low in sugar Leafy green vegetables


complex carbs

Fish and Lean Meats rich in proteins* Your body needs a balance of protein, carbs, and fiber to run at its best. The most natural sources of these nutrients can be found in leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, lean protein and natural healthy fats.

The Verdict:

My vote is a super "YES!" I believe that this "dietary supplement" pill is definitely working for me. Again, I do not believe that this is a "cure-all" nor do I feel that the company has represented it as a such a product BUT I do believe that it will help you drop a few pounds if you help it by sticking to the plan and fitting in a little activity.

Here is a slight side note: After trying the product, I found that they now have a new and improved version of the supplement. This new version has double the chromium so I can not wait to try it. It is also specifically market as a "Diet Pill" and not simply a "dietary Supplement" . If I experienced results with the older product...I am betting that the "new and improved" version will give me an extra boost!

Good luck! If you have tried any weight loss pills that you swear by...let me know about them!

Where do you "weigh in"?

Have you ever tried a diet pill to lose weight?

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    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 4 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      I'm definitely one of those people who can easily put the pounds on but struggle, even when earnestly engaged in an exercise program, to shed the weight. Lichi is a delicious fruit in the natural, and so I'm definitely interested in this product. Here's the thing, though...what the company suggests to do in addition to taking this dietary supplement are the very things that help one to lose weight. My question to them would be, "Okay, so how much more does your product actually help in the weight reduction process?" I suppose I should just go find this product and read the fine writing on the back of the box.

      All in all, this was an excellent and (very important to me) reader-friendly and humorous review. Great job, Heather! Have a great day! Aloha!