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Living with Chronic Migraines

Updated on August 4, 2017

When I was Diagnosed

When I finally went to the Doctor and actually got diagnosed I was scared because I didn't want it going on my record. I actually waited awhile before going because I was just trying to deal with it myself instead of something like this following me or being judged and treated like I was handicapped because of my migraines.

I went to the Doctor and did a full head scan and they found nothing but at the time I was still scared. I was going through the whole vomiting and nausea stuff. I went through this for awhile and then everything started to get worse so I went back to the Doctor and told them that everything was getting worse.


My Doctor started giving me some meds but they were not helping me at all. I was taking only one at the time and nothing was happening. My oldest son was in pre-school and I could barely take him to school because I was so sick and always in the bathroom because my husband was working.

The good thing was he really didn't have to go much but I hated not being able for him to go to school. My baby was still little and he was always asleep so I would be able to try and get everything taken care of before he woke up. Some of this is just too much information so I am keeping a lot of things out of this article at the moment until I start writing about it later. I am going to tell you about my experience and what is going on with me right now when it comes to my Chronic migraines.

When I met with my Doctor again which was about two years ago I was able to get on pain meds and a few other medications that are supposed to work for me but at the same time, I have one that is doing nothing. I really can't pay for my medication so I have to get everything free on base and they don't carry a lot of the new medications that are out now.

I may have to try therapy but I am not sure I want to go through this mess because I am scared of being judged.

Apart of Groups

Yes, my migraines are still getting worse but I am dealing with them along with taking my medication. I am actually happy right now but I know what I am going up against. I am a part of two groups so that I can talk to other people about what I am going through because they are going through the same thing I am.

I love talking to other people about my Chronic migraines because if they are in need of help I can more than likely share my experience and I can help them as well. I love just going through and trying to see if something else will work for me but all of our bodies are different. I love sharing my experience and seeing if something that helped someone else can help me without taking millions of pills.

I started some yoga and meditation which seems to help along with my bible scripture reading which I am really happy about at the moment.

Praying and Reading

I am taking my Chronic Migraines one step further and giving everything to the Lord. I love reading my bible and praying for healing. I love when I am apart of groups that prat for others and read scriptures of others as well. I love the two groups that help others get through the tough times.

Praying is wonderful and I am getting some healing through it all. I love my family and I want to make sure that I keep my heart and mind close to the Lord at all times. This will help me get through the tough panic attacks and even help me get some sleep sometimes. I am on medication for those too and they seem to be helping.


CBD oil helps as well if you are looking for something that is a little more less expensive and free of issues. I have done CBD and it has helped me plenty of times but I need to get the capsules because I am not huge on the whole vape thing.

I am going to get the CBD capsules and review the brand to see if the brand is good. I need a bigger mg anyway and the oil that I get is expensive when it comes to vaping and stuff like that so I am going to move to the capsules. I hope that if some of you used the CBD capsules that you continue to if they help you because a lot of these medications can mess up your liver and kidneys.

Final Thought

I hate getting migraines and I get them every single day. I love the fact that I can sit up and write so that it can take my mind off the pain. I have to say that it does not always help. Sometimes when I am ready to go to sleep I can't because of my migraines so I can be up all night.

If you are going through this just remember that you are not alone and you can get help when needed. Make sure that you know what type of groups you are getting into because some are not what they seem and then make sure that you are getting help from the right people. You have to remember that what worked for someone else might not work for you.

You have to remember that what worked for someone else might not work for you. If you have something that you want to share then try and share it so that someone else can try the medication, yoga or therapy. Just try and see if it will work for you

Just try and see if it will work for you and if not then try something else but never give up on getting better and don't let them ruin your life. Make sure that you go out and have fun no matter what just take some shades, hat, and some sunscreen or your medication when needed.

I was so down that it was ruining my life and I wanted to keep my family together and keep my mind sane because I didn't want to go crazy or be a huge bore. Try and have some fun if you can at least or wait until the sun goes down then take a nice walk.


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