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Life After An Addiction

Updated on August 13, 2013

Just Wondering

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a life without an addiction? It had crossed my mind many times though out my days of drinking alcohol, but I just didn't care that much to pursue it any further. I basically just lived with the life I presently had.

Life after an addiction for some people could be like a death sentence so to speak. They can't even imagine living a life of sobriety because they had become so used to living drunk or high everyday of their lives for so many years.

My Downfall

The downfall of my life of addiction was taking that first drink. Something that started out as a fun time with the guys, drinking in the bars and partying away then turned to a horrible addiction.

This addiction to alcohol became over time, tops on my priority list. It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up in the morning and the last thing I did before bed. The demons had taken hold of my body and my mind.

When I think about it today, now being sober, it was like everything in life always had to revolve around alcohol. If there was any type of function that I would have to go to, the first words out of my mouth was, "is there going to be alcohol there"?

Its' a crying shame that an addiction can run and ruin ones life, and it does it slow but sure. It sneaks up on the addicted and grabs hold and won't let go, Only, if you allow it to do so.

Living The Clean Life

I never realized until I quit drinking alcohol just how beautiful life can be without my alcohol demons running it.

Everything has changed for the better in regards to my life, my health, my appearance and most of all my family life.

I now can see and realize what a family of an alcoholic goes through in life and with the families practically begging the alcoholic to stop drinking alcohol.

When there is alcoholism in a family the alcoholic themselves don't realize what they are doing not only to themselves but their family as well. They are basically blinded to the outside world and can't see just how their addiction is leading them to rock bottom.

When the alcoholic finally admits he/she has a problem and is willing to surrender to that problem is when their lives will start to get better each and everyday.

I'm not saying that this road to sobriety will be an easy one, but believe me, all the hard work and determination to quit drinking and become sober is so worth the work.


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Wow Wendi that is wonderful. I'm so happy for you and your new life. July 26th is a day you will never forget. Congrats on your sobriety and your marriage !! Now you can live the life you so deserve !

    • Wendi M profile image

      Wendi M 7 years ago from New Hampshire

      Great hub! I celebrated 4 years of sobriety on July 26 of this year. I also married the man of my dreams on that same, to me, Life After An Addiction is wonderful.