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Life After Death: What Do You Think Happens?

Updated on June 11, 2011

It has a cool ring. It serves to give you more meaning to your short period of time to exist, on average, assuming nothing fatal occurs, to about 70-75 yrs. Then, poof! You no longer exist-not just for a week or month but forever. Forever is a hard concept for humans to grasp. It is hard to believe that one day, I will simply be gone and only those in my small circle of loves and friends will recall my existence, and when those die, a final erasure of my life.

At least famous personalities can live on in film, music and art. But, is there life after death? Is this just a play on words or stuff that sells books and movies to those seeking the refuge that there is something AFTER one dies? I think it is the possibility that it may exist that is like a hook to a song that you continue to sing and hum. No one will ever know because no one has come back from the dead, I mean, really dead. Yes, some accounts state a person died, went into the light, was asked if they wanted eternity or to finish life. I mean dead for days and then returned to tell the world what it was like.

Few movies have ever captured the possibility better than, " What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams. Done in the late 80s, most of the movie is about his death in an auto accident and what occurs to him in the afterlife. Pure conjecture, of course, but stunning in its presentation and effects. You will be thinking of it long after it ends.

In my own screenplay, The White Room, my theory about what happens is that all souls go to a white area, call it an intermediate stopover where angels review your life's pluses and minus', contributions etc. Souls that are deemed bad simply remain idle for eternity. There is not fire or hell because the hell for them is being idle and never having a chance to return to earth via another life. Those not bad, have a second chance to learn from failures by reincarnation with only a scant recall of a past life that at best resembles an "oddity". One soul, an old woman, is selected to return to her former life from death after two weeks have passed. She has the mission to tell the world what it is like after death. Few believe her, even her loved ones have a problem with it despite records showing she died.

The whole topic is conjecture. Maybe we are simply dead after death and that is it-forever. Yet, I have a problem with that, that we have only 70-80 yrs. of life and that is it. One shot. Maybe the heaven is actually the life we have on earth.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      I agree. God is the answer.

    • Jokylu profile image

      Jokylu 6 years ago from Waratah North, Victoria.

      Have you considered checking out what the word of God has to say on the subject. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, when he was satisfied with the creation and everything in it He created man to enjoy it, take care of it and to fellowship with Him. Man messed up pretty badly so to once again be restored to a good relationship with God, man neded to confess his disobdience. As an atonement price for mans sin God allowed His only Son to die in our place. We only need to come to Him for forgiveness and acknowledge Jesus as the one who has paid the price on our behalf and God in His mercy forgives and promises us eternal life.

      May the God of grace and mercy touch your heart and show you all that He has in store for those who will blieve.

      God Bless You

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      No I have never read the Browne book,I will check one out.

    • Sarah Shepherd profile image

      Sarah Shepherd 6 years ago from San Diego, California

      Have you ever read a Sylvia Browne book? Your interpretation of life after death sounds just like hers... she is a pyschic; and a very good one. You should check into her!

    • Alikazar15 profile image

      Alikazar15 6 years ago from U.S.A

      No matter what we may never know what may actually happen when the time comes but I have been working on a hub stating my views and the views of many others throughout the world. Personally though i think the end is whatever you truly believe it will be.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Yes, I had a psychic once tell me that my most recent previous life was a German pilot in WW2. I only felt it to be true because of my interest in WW2 and German.

    • ecomama profile image

      Jacquie The Underground Goddess 6 years ago from NC

      I think about this often, and while I have faint "memories" of experiences in another time there is no way to know if it is proof of a past life or just my wild imagination. Great Hub!

    • MAJJHIMA profile image

      MAJJHIMA 6 years ago

      hi Perrya,

      I think it's a matter of whether we chose to believe or ignore the life after death. For me i believe in reincarnation somehow. There were cases in India, Tibet, Mynmar etc, particularly those in rural area, where kids could recall their past life, able to point out the exact location and call the name of their previous life parents. I have a friend from Mynmar, her student able to recall her past life as a snake, that is the reason the student still carry the habit of playing with her tongue in this life.

      Sounds weird right? I think the only way to find out this is through meditation, i believe one can see and realize the law of nature only when the mind is calm enough.