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Life After Surrendering To An Addiction

Updated on August 12, 2013

When our life is run by our addiction to drugs and alcohol, we tend not to see the real picture that is going on around us. We have been addicted for so long that we forget what life was like when being sober.

We forget all the good times we had when being sober. We live our life on a high or being drunk, or so out of it for one reason or another, that this is all we know in our present life.  We depend on our drug of choice to survive each and everyday.

So many people were never able to get out of their addiction and tragically died from their addiction, whether it was from long term abuse, or accidentally or purposely overdosing.

These people will never be able to celebrate their life after surrendering to an addiction.

They will always be remembered for what they have contributed to our lives. It is just heart breaking to see so many talented people's lives being shut out because of an avoidable addiction.

For all those who have surrendered and conquered their addictions, lets enjoy the rest of our lives and be proud of our accomplishments and achievements that we have done.

Fix your broken home life and start fresh, as I did, and rejoice with your loved ones, and tell them that you are finally back as a different person. You have just saved your own life by what you have done, admitting that you have an addiction and you took the proper steps and actions towards making a new life for yourself and the ones that love you.

Instead of walking with your head hanging down with embarrassment and and feeling guilty of your addiction, you now can hang your head high, chin up and be proud of yourself that you did it.

Continue to keep a Positive Attitude in everything you due and remember life only gets better when clean and sober. Staying addicted, your life is only going one way, and that is down to rock bottom.

Once you have hit rock bottom it's much harder to come back up, so don't let your life reach that point. Save yourself before it's to late.

With what we have experienced with our addictions, we have learned by our mistakes, and it has made us a stronger person and more alive. We now can try to help others with their addictions with the knowledge that we have learned.  Help them to achieve the quality of life we now lead and live the dream that we thought would never happen, which is SOBRIETY.

© 2010 Mark Bruno


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