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Life Coaching and the Need for Human Connection

Updated on May 30, 2013

Life coaching is an up and coming profession that is becoming more popular by the minute. Not only are there more coaches opening practices daily, but more people are seeking a life coach for their personal and professional lives.

Where did this need come from?

I believe life coaching is more prevalent in today's world because it's fulfilling a need that once was met through daily living and ongoing interactions, but is now not something that happens naturally in our present society.

It is common for people to move away from their families, friends and mentors. We move to new communities and struggle to find our place, our connection to others. I've heard this complaint from numerous people. Or there's the increase of electronics and social media. This is both a blessing and a curse! In many ways it helps to create connections and interactions we wouldn't normally have, but it may also add to the dilemma of less human connection that includes a personal touch of some kind, by being face to face or by voice and connecting by using our senses in a more personal way. It is not a unique struggle. It is becoming the norm for individuals and families today.

Life coaches are able to fulfill that missing interaction that people would normally obtain from their circle of family and friends.

As a life coach, I am able to listen and offer perspective to an individual's situation. I am able to ask questions, point out patterns, offer honesty in a way that is uncommon among friends or coworkers or acquaintances. I like to nudge an individual when it's appropriate for them to see what is already there that maybe they haven't wanted to or have been unable to look at before but it continues to resurface. I do this with a kind and loving approach and take my lead from my client. Each experience is different because each individual has different needs.

As a life coach, I am able to offer that human interaction in a safe, comfortable way so that people are able to have the space to share and explore what they need to. I am happy to be that person that you can turn to when you need perspective, when you want to discuss something so that you can move on and enjoy the rest of your day, when you need help defining goals and creating a plan, or when you just need a cheerleader in your life. I am so lucky to be able to offer that type of support to people.

The more human connection we can have, the more loving of a society we can become. It starts with me or you, we connect and then we move on throughout our day and interact with others, our families, friends, coworkers-- whomever, and if we're able to approach our day in a more positive way by simply living a more happy, healthy and joyful life, we will be able to share that positivity with others through our interactions.

We are all worth it but most especially, you're worth it.

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    • profile image

      Candy27 4 years ago

      You are right, with ATMs, automated phone services, internet business, etc. we have less in person interaction with people than in previous generations. Even in our families, instead of talking on the phone, it is texting, chatting on facebook, etc. I think you are offering a great service. I hope people find you and take advantage of what you have to offer.