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Life Following a Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Plan

Updated on May 20, 2016

You have just completed a stop smoking with hypnosis plan and you have done well for yourself. But what next? How to do you cope with life after hypnosis?

Breaking free of cigarettes is a big accomplishment that you should be proud of. Congratulations!

As the days and weeks unfold following your achievement you start to notice a drop in your confidence level and a yearning to return to your old smoking ways. You find yourself struggling to cope with the many stresses of life, but now you do not have cigarettes to fall back on to give you that extra boast you need. What to do, what to do …

Many things can happen to make you want to light up once again. Perhaps it is a happy event that is cause for celebration that sparks the urge for a cigarette and a return to your old ways.

Or maybe it is a difficult and painful event that has you wanting to find solace in cigarettes as you once did back in the old days.

You feel like giving in and going back to the habit you once loved and one you found tremendous comfort in.

Stop right there! Don’t do it!

Even if you feel like giving into the nagging urge, stop! Take time out, read through this article and persevere in staying smoke-free for life. You made it this far after all.

Kicking an old habit is not always an easy task – professional hypnotists cannot guarantee it will be easy - as everybody’s situation is unique to themselves. But common themes have emerged that when followed negate the likelihood of your returning to being a smoker.

Ready to find out what they are? Let us begin …

Healthy Food and Physical Activity

Do you worry that you will gain weight if you give up smoking?

If yes then by all means you are not alone. The concern about gaining weight is a legitimate one for many smokers. Nicotine can be an appetite suppressor and food can easily become a substitute for cigarettes. Soon you notice that your clothes are feeling tighter than they use to. Uh oh- not good!

What now?

After your stop smoking with hypnosis embark on an overall health and wellness program. Do this the day after your hypnosis sessions begin when your motivation is still at an all time high.

Do not worry so much about consuming less food. Focus on a diet of healthy food choices as opposed to counting calories.

The first thing you need to change is the type of foods you consume. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. All of these items help to detoxify the body to rid it of the harmful elements that were previously ingested.

Also, eat lean meats and fish. Avoid fatty, fried foods as well as foods and beverages that are loaded with sugar. Sugar can really pack on the pounds if you are not careful! Finally, always eat in moderation. Eat until you have had enough but not until you are ready to burst!

Make physical activity a significant part of your daily routine. While smoking, the cells in the body got damaged and working up a sweat now that you have ceased to smoke will help them to regenerate and get back into shape.

You can start with light exercise such as stretching, walking or cycling and then gradually work up to a healthy strength training program at the gym.

Remember to always stay within your capability and if you have health issues talk with your doctor before embarking on any physical exercise program.

Mental Attitude

How is your attitude now that you have quit smoking? What about your outlook on life now?

Never lose sight of what you have learned about all of the adverse effects of smoking. Every time you desire a cigarette visualize the horrific pictures you have seen about lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

In the same way, it never hurts to think about all of the other people close to you who used to be negatively affected by your smoking. Think about your spouse, children, parents, other loved ones and friends who as second-hand smokers were subjected to the detrimental effects of your nicotine habit.

Another thing to consider when you feel the urge to smoke is to recall why you decided to stop in the first place. You must have given the reasons plenty of thought when you decided to stop smoking with hypnosis. Make a quick list of your reasons and keep a copy close to you at all times.

You can even create a stop smoking mantra for yourself that you can recite over and over again until your brain orders the rest of your body to defy internal or external pressures to smoke. Consider smoking a repulsive and sickening addiction you want nothing more to do with because you are now a non-smoker.

You are what you think. Never forget that!

During your stop smoking with hypnosis session your hypnotist put forth the suggestion to your subconscious mind that you are now a person who no longer smokes. Reinforce this suggestion with your daily actions and if necessary, avoid places and people that don’t fit with the new you. You won’t be sorry that you did!

Interpersonal Strength

Most of the time smoking begins as a harmless social pastime. It all starts with trying cigarettes because it seems cool or because of peer pressure.Remember those times?

Eventually, after you get through the first sickening attempts, you feel the effect and pleasure of nicotine in your body and it becomes a habit.

Once you make the decision to give up the habit for good, what do you do in terms of your smoking buddies? You are left with a couple of options. You may have to stay away from them, at least in the beginning stage when you have just started on your new non-smoking journey.

Or you may have to ask them not to smoke in front of you (if that is something that you are comfortable doing). This can be especially difficult with family members who smoke, and particularly if your spouse has continued to smoke despite your decision to give it up.

I recommend that couples that smoke both go through a hypnosis program to stop smoking together. It is so much easier that way. You can provide support for one another.

Prevention is always the best cure so avoid places for the first year where there is likely to be crowds of smokers. You know the kind of places in question. We are not talking about a year in a monastery here, however you need to curb your visits to social venues such as bars and nightclubs where cigarettes will be easily accessible.

Reward Yourself

For many, quitting cigarettes can be a trying time.

It is a very difficult transition and can take a few attempts before it sticks. This is especially true for those using patches and nicotine gum rather than through a stop smoking with hypnosis program.

Like any attempts to end an addiction, your resolve and commitment will be tested sooner or later.Expect and plan for it.

When you reach a milestone such as one week, one month, or six months smoke-free, it’s fine to reward yourself. In fact it is recommended that you do so! I also advocate celebrating with a small gift or activity you enjoy doing if it has been a particularly challenging day.

Reaching milestones and getting rewards are excellent motivators. With every success at avoiding cigarettes your self-esteem and resolve will be enhanced. You will positively reinforce the decision you have made to stop smoking with hypnosis and move further away from the emotional dependence you have on nicotine.

Also, you will discover your own strengths and capabilities which will enhance your confidence in getting the result you want- which is to be happy, healthy and blessedly smoke-free!

In Conclusion

Life following stop smoking hypnosis sessions means a life that is free of cigarettes and the hold they had on your life.

But in order to keep on the right path, it is essential that you take care of yourself in every way- both on the inside and on the outside. If need to, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who was once where you are now. Former smokers make some of the best advocates for newly reformed non-smokers.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      becca, LOVED this hub. Voted up and all the way across. YOU earned it. I love your presentation, but not boasting, I am not a tobacco user--in any form. That also goes for any type of illegal drugs or alcohol. Am I a prude? Probably, by some standards, but I find that life is better when you are sober and sane. Keep up the great work. And I am following you now. I invite you to check out a few of my hubs, that is if you want a laugh. And I would love to have you as a follower too. That would be fantastic. Sincerely, Kenneth Avery, from Hamilton, a small town in northwest Alabama that looks like Mayberry, the iconic little town on the Andy Griffith Show.

    • profile image

      weedcigsmarijuana 7 years ago

      By far, the best way to quit smoking cigarettes or marijuana, or anything for that matter... I smoked both, ohh brother it was bad and I really needed out, thanks to hypnosis, I slowly snuffed the dependency.

      Excellent article though...

    • profile image

      Natalie Bonanski 7 years ago

      I've heard hypnosis is good treatment for more than just smoking. It might be the way to go to not only stop someone from smoking, but also help them deal with the stress factors in their life that might tempt them to smoke again.

    • ToysBycbj profile image

      ToysBycbj 8 years ago

      Enjoyed the information at this hub. Not a smoker myself but never considered that once you quit there is still work to do.

    • Addison profile image

      Addison 8 years ago

      Yes, what to do once you quit, not always the plain sailing you think it might be after getting over the cravings.

    • profile image

      TomCat 8 years ago

      Interesting article - never thought beyond quitting and what I might meet after that decision. Thanks for a thoughful hub.

    • Hilly Chism profile image

      Hilly Chism 8 years ago from Holland

      Good advice, this is a problem I have struggled with myself.