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How to do homework faster

Updated on April 25, 2014

Homework sucks...

Everyone has had to struggle with homework for, it's a sad unfortunate truth about life. For those of us lucky enough to not have to do it anymore, we laugh at you. But we do sympathize, so let me offer some tips that can drastically improve how fast you do your homework.


  • Remember everything you do in class. Do whatever you need to. Take notes and pay attention. I know it sucks and it's likely terribly boring. But the bottom line is that you can't do anything else while you're in class, but taking notes and paying attention will drastically improve your homework. Leaving you more time to be lazy. Quick sidenotes, getting enough sleep improves your memory as do blueberries. And so does listening to classical music and taking notes in blue pen. Odd but whatever helps.
  • Use what you have learned. You learned it for a purpose, you might as well use it. It makes your homework go faster and grade higher. Use your previous classes to enhance your current ones. Teachers like that. Incorporate earlier concepts.
  • Pick out key points and use them. Also, make sure your key points are good key points! They are the foundation of whatever it is you're studying/writing about. Take time to pick the right key points and everything else will go better. You will quickly learn to pick out key points very fast. With time you can learn to skip everything else. When you need to write an essay about a chapter, you will be able to snag out key points and write an essay with only having really read a small fraction of the chapter. Laziness at its finest.
  • Utilize examples if there are any, they are helpful and can be particularly helpful if you're struggling with the concept. Figure out the example and everything else will fall in line.
  • Get help from others! DO NOT CHEAT! Cheating is terrible! You will not learn the subject and work further down the line, particularly tests, will be awful. However, doing work with someone else helps a lot. So do tutors. Ask others to compare answers. Even ask a teacher for help, they really appreciate that type of motivation on behalf of students.
  • Avoid distractions. Turn off AIM/MSN/Skype, turn off your music, turn off the TV. Again, I understand that this is boring. But think about it, 30 minutes focusing on your homework vs 2 hours of partially doing your homework but still really unable to do anything fun. Take your pick. Multi-tasking does not actually work and switching between tasks leads to time wasted trying to get back to where you were.
  • Don't procrastinate. Elaboration is not necessary, you all know why.
  • Review what you need to know. If you spend a pitiful 5 minutes briefly reading over what you need to understand for class and do this every day or even just 2 or 3 times a week, you will be amazed at how much you remember. Again, think about the time. Five minutes daily or struggling through your book at midnight for 30 minutes the day before an assignment is due.
  • Remember, doing homework well means doing well on a test. If you put proper effort into homework, you will find yourself needing to study less for exams. Treat homework as not only work to do but exam preparation.

The ultimate idea is to be thorough and think things through. Short term laziness in this respect will give you lower grades and also severely damage long term laziness. A little work now means a lot of free time later. You don't have to be smart to do your homework well and still have free time, you just need a slight amount of motivation and to think ahead.


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