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What to Do When You Get Sick

Updated on December 1, 2014


Everyone gets sick at one point or another. Those who are sick only want to do 1 thing... recover. So here are some general tips that can help you recover faster and feel a little better in the process.


  • Eat raw garlic. Two to three times a way; you can prepare it however you like but let is sit for 15 minutes before you eat. This allows the allicin to activate which helps your body fight the sickness. In addition there are all sorts of other health benefits to garlic.
  • Sore Throat? Try one of these:

    Glass of water + half of a lemon of lemon juice + some honey + a pinch of salt
    Green Tea
    Ginger Tea
    Cayenne Tea (1/4 tsp. cayenne powder, 2 tsp. honey into a glass of warm water)
  • Eat/drink in a healthy manner. This will improve how fast you recover, and chances are if you're sick you can't taste well anyway, so you can eat healthy stuff that tastes bad. Make sure it's well balanced and has lots of vitamin C.

    Avoid really heavy foods, particularly fried food or too many carbohydrates. It doesn't contribute to your health and it takes a lot of energy for your body to digest it.
  • Avoid dairy. Just stick to regular water or tea; dairy can be harsh on the digestive system and you need your body to focus.
  • Stay warm and rested. Sleep a lot, and make sure you stay warm by drinking warm liquids or using blankets. Remember, heaters can cause dry air and irritation and will likely make your sore throat (if you have one) much worse. Avoid that if you can.
  • Clogged sinuses? Neti pot. It will clear them right up for you. You can also try eucalyptus oil in the shower or boil a few drops of the oil over the stuff and breath in the steam.

  • Medication. There are lots out there for helping you recover or alleviate symptoms, it might surprise you. Do a quick search and you can find many options.
  • Avoid coffee and other sources of caffeine. It may be tempting to perk up, but the caffeine wears on your body. It can put too much stress on your adrenal glands, which will overall make your health much worse. Let your body focus on the sickness and don't add to the problem by drinking coffee.
  • Stay in a clean environment. Dust, dirt, pet hair, and other particles in the air can further irritate your body and particularly your throat. So try to keep things clean.
  • Don't smoke, or drink alcohol. It can irritate your body and prolong the recovery. If you need to have your cigarettes, consider a vaporizer.
  • Don't go to the gym. Put off your trip to the gym until you get better. I've heard people explain it by saying if your body is focusing on the stress and damage caused by working out, it cannot focus as much on fighting the sickness. Plus in all odds you haven't eaten a whole lot and will have no energy.
  • Google your symptoms and try to figure out exactly what is wrong with your body, this will give you tips on specific ways to deal with whatever you have. It's better than nothing but self-diagnosis is not the best habit.
  • See a doctor. Don't put it off. A simple cold is one thing, but you can cause permanent damage to yourself if you have something more serious and decide not to go.
  • For the sake of others, please keep everything disinfected! Take time off work, skip class, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, avoid seeing people, just try to avoid spreading the sickness.


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