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Life Lessons from a Half-Marathon Runner

Updated on January 13, 2016
John Huynh profile image

John Huynh is a writer from Melbourne Australia. He graduated from business school at Victoria University with majors in information systems

Running is a half-marathon is not easy, it is actually very difficult. The life lessons learned from running a half-marathon are the ones that you discover through endless hours of training, hard work, commitment and running the race on race day. Running a half-marathon is a special moment in life, it’s a big milestone in a runner’s life. Running a half-marathon teaches you some very valuable lessons about life. The life lessons from running a half-marathon is simply priceless. The half-marathon is an enormous achievement and one which will make you ready for life. Here are some of the 10 life lessons from a half-marathon runner.

1. You are ready for anything in life

Running your first half-marathon is a life changing event for any runner. It is a life altering and life changing event because you have just ran 13.1 miles or 21.2 kilometers in distance. Running such a long distance is a big accomplishment and one to be very proud of. This kind of accomplishment in life allows you to take on many other challenges in life. Running a half-marathon will change your life and make you ready for anything in life if you believe in yourself. The half-marathon is very difficult on all levels, both physical and mental, but still achievable even for those who believe they cannot do it. If you believe in yourself, put your best foot forward, work hard and believe, you can achieve anything in life and you can also be a half-marathoner. If you want to be ready for life and want a real challenge, run a half-marathon or run a marathon.

2. Staying focused

The half-marathon training is very hard and long, it takes many months of hard work, endless hours of training and serious commitment. That kind of commitment is one which will teach you a very important lesson in life, the skill of staying focused. Life lesson number 2 in marathon training is learning to stay focused and keeping your eye on your dream in life. Marathon training is a very physical and mental type of training, it is 70% mental and 30% physical, but not impossible. This kind of training teaches you self-discipline, hard work and it teaches you to stay focused in life. Running is a sport which requires a lot of focus whether you are a sprinter or marathon runner. That kind of focus will transform you as a person and keep you sharp in life. Staying focused and having a sharp mind is a mental skill, and half-marathons will give you that skill of staying focused. Running a half-marathon will make you alert and focused, this is the truth and the personal experience of a half-marathon runner.

3. Health and fitness is a priority in life

One key aspect about running and marathon training is making health and fitness a priority in life. Running a half-marathon requires and enormous amount of effort and without good health and fitness you simply cannot run any marathon. Running and marathon training helps you keep the focus on looking after your health and wellbeing, including keeping the focus on staying fit and healthy all the time. Health is everything in life and without good health and fitness other areas of your life will begin to fall apart. This saying holds true because if you lose your health you will get sick and life will begin fall apart so stay fit and healthy. Learn to run and be a runner or be a half-marathon runner. The power of running changes your attitude towards health and fitness as a whole, and it will give you a better life, this is from the personal experience of a half-marathon runner. Run a half-marathon and you will make health and fitness a priority in life.

4. Understanding the meaning of hard work

There is no doubt that training for a half-marathon requires an enormous amount of hard work. That kind of hard work in training for a half-marathon will teach you the value of hard work in all areas of life. The hard work in marathon training will prepare you well for life and anything you do in life because it’s not just physical, it’s also a mental challenge. The hard work in a half-marathon is a progression and a stepping stone towards a running full-marathon: the 42 kilometer challenge. Marathon training is very tough and the hard work involved will carry itself across to other areas in life when you are a good runner. The hard work in marathon training will make you grow as a person and transform you into a completely different person. Running is very hard, it is very hard on the body and mind as running requires a lot of effort, therefore, if you work hard in running it will benefit you in life. This is the truth and every marathon runner will say the same thing, it is life changing when you run your first half-marathon or full-marathon.

5. Commitment towards a goal in life

Half-marathon training will teach you a lot about commitment in life. It will teach you the value of making a commitment to working towards achieving any goal in life, staying focused and doing the hard yards. It will teach you to focus and commit to the little things in life as well. If you can do the little things in life then you can do the bigger things, but if you cannot do the little things in life you will never be able to do the bigger things in life. To do the bigger things in life you need commitment and a half-marathon will teach you the importance of commitment to whatever goal you want to achieve in life. To get the big things in life you need to learn the importance of commitment and a half-marathon is one way to do it. Commitment is one of the most attractive traits to have in life and a marathon will give you that when you run the race.

6. Up for new challenges in life

Running a half-marathon makes you ready for any new challenges in life and there is no doubt about it. A half-marathon is extremely difficult and when you cross the finish line you are ready for any challenge in life. When you become a half-marathoner you are ready for new challenges big or small, if you can run 100 meters you can run 1 kilometer, if you can run 1 kilometer you can run 10 kilometers and if you can run 10 kilometers you can run a half-marathon. A half-marathon will make you ready for any new challenges in life, big or small. Being up for new challenges will only make your life more interesting and exciting and the marathon is the best way to test it out. It will challenge you in many ways and test you to your very limits and in the end you are a marathon runner. You will be ready for anything and the sky is the limit.

7. Understanding the importance of running in life

Running isn’t just about running races on race day to win medals and awards. Running should be a lifelong activity and journey in life which takes you on the road to self-discovery where you discover who you are as a person. Running as a lifelong activity will help you discover your true potential through the challenges of races whether it’s 5km, 10km, half-marathon or marathon runs. Being a runner isn’t all about running to win medals and to come first in a race, but you can if you are good at it. Running should be a passion and not a chore, but something you actually enjoy doing. The health benefits of running are enormous and it will reward you for life if you dedicate your life to running. Run to win races, but also run to stay fit and healthy so that you live a long life on earth.

8. Your personal best and be all you can be.

Running is one of the few areas in life where you can test out your personal best and be all you can be. It is a sport where you do not have compete with other people, but you just do your personal best every time you run the race and be all you can be when you run. When you do your very best and cross the finish line, you are a half-marathoner and you hold the half-marathon medal. So do your personal best in life and be all you can be, be the very best you can be in everything you do in life and run a half-marathon to experience it. The feeling of holding the half-marathon medal is unlike any other, it is an accomplishment and achievement to be proud of. It is a medal which will make you happy and proud, being a half-marathon runner will make you happy and proud.

9. You can achieve the bigger and better things in life

When you run your first half-marathon, you are a half-marathon runner and you will always be a half-marathoner. This sets the tone for bigger and better things in life, bigger and better things to achieve whether it’s relationships, career, spiritual or financial, for example. It also opens up the door for the challenge of running a full-marathon. If you can run a half-marathon, then you are ready for anything in life and you can achieve anything you want if you believe in yourself and have trust and faith in God. If your dream is to achieve bigger and better things and by faith you believe in your dreams, you will achieve it. If you dream big you will get the big things in life, but if your dreams are small then it will always be small. So dream big, give it your best shot and work hard. By taking the baby steps one step at a time you can take the bigger steps and then you can run a half-marathon or marathon.

10. Life is like a marathon

Life is like a marathon, it is very long and you have many highs and lows in life. Marathon training will give you a feel of what highs and lows feel like including the feeling of pain and joy of winning and losing in a race. The struggles at 18km of a half-marathon can feel quiet painful and hard, but the joy of crossing the finish line will make you feel like a champion and celebrate. Life can be easy and sometimes life can be very hard, but marathon training will test you on all levels and you will feel the sense of accomplishment and achievement. There will be days where you want to just give up, but you must keep on running and keep on running to win the race. Life is like a marathon and running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you out into it. So put on your running shoes and get on the road and start running.

© 2016 John Huynh


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