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Life Motivation - Part 4: Taking Action

Updated on June 10, 2012

We’ve spent the last 3 hubs on some ways to help you connect with your Life Motivation. Now the question is what do you do with this?


What do YOU want to do with this?

In the course of Part 1, Part 2 and finally Part 3, you’ve had several tools provided to help you decide what is meaningful to you, identify some of what the real you cares most about, and what you want people to remember about you. Theoretically, you should have several items that are motivations within your life. If you can prioritize them, then the next step might be easier. But I’m not sure you really can prioritize them. Not in any lasting fashion. Because life changes. And you change with it. This week, one characteristic might seem the most important. But next week or next month it might be important, but not the topmost item. So be wary of trying to prioritize these and then making a HUGE life change. That might not be the best solution if that “gotta have it” issue suddenly were to drop in importance.

The key isn’t to pick ONE and change your life around that single item. You want to take time and see how the various motivators can be used together. It might be that you combine them in a single career. Or it might be that you use one as a career basis, another for how you live your life away from work and yet another for what you do with your spare time or as a hobby. There isn’t a right answer. What matters is finding your motivation and then letting it alter your life so that you become a focused, motivated individual who feels they are living their life in the best fashion they can.

Look Before You Leap

Think about this, it is easy; in fact it’s usually my natural response, to grab onto a single item and run with it. The problem with this is it leaves out the other items or motivators you’ve discovered. Just like eating only one thing, no matter how much you like it, can become monotonous or even unhealthy. Variety is the spice of life is not just a saying. It means you need a variety of sources for a happy, healthy life. Varieties of food help your body function best. Varieties of motivators help you maximize your life. If you enjoy a variety of activities that feed your life, you will be able to look back and feel you had a full, enjoyable and worthwhile life. That is my goal with this, to help you feel you are now able to live the life that will be the best for you. And that you will do so for the foreseeable future.

Look at your list of primary motivators. As you created that list, you identified factors one or two at a time. But as you looked at new methods to identify motivators, new factors were added. Now, take these items and consider reordering them. Consider combining them. Consider rewording or rephrasing them. What I would like you to do is see which ones can be met or “fed” simultaneously. Which ones can be fed by the job you have or might have? Which ones might be met by activities you can conduct with your family, or friends? Which drives can be met through taking up a new hobby, charitable activity or some other method?

Take time. Unless you are in the midst of a financial crisis and have NO alternative, I’m not recommending making all these changes at once. Make the changes in the order that makes the most sense to you. In fact, some of these might be items you don’t actually start working on until you retire, or your children have grown, or until some other priority or milestone is hit.

How to Change Your Life

If I were to make a suggestion, here is the order I would make these changes:

  1. Life Motivators that can be met by adding, changing or removing family or friend activities
  2. Life Motivators that you can meet by taking up a personal hobby or activity
  3. Life Motivators that require a change in your career
  4. Life motivators that require a preliminary change before they can be implemented

Here is my reasoning why I suggest this specific order. You have a family and friends. They are part of your life. Whether you are married with children or single, or any other variation, there are people in your life. If you value them, and they value you, they should be part of any changes you make in your life. So, instead of saying, “I’m making changes so I can be happier and you aren’t part of them.” Start with the changes that would include them. Not only is it less stressful to try new things with friends and family, but if they see the benefit everyone receives, they will be that much more supportive of any other changes you wish to make.

I’m making the suggestion of personal hobby sort of changes next. These are things that will impact your free time. This could be seen as a negative by your friends and family, so by doing the things with them first, they aren’t excluded, but also they will be more willing to be open minded to additional changes. They also can be initiated before any career changes.

The changes you will perceive with the first two will relieve stress and give you both the confidence and the patience to make the career change in a thoughtful and carefully planned out fashion so you do not endanger the stability and safety of your family. This is the most dangerous, but potentially the most rewarding change. Jump too quick and you could potentially end up in a situation that seems wonderful initially but after time is worse than the situation you left. Take your time and analyze exactly what you need to meet the motivator. Look around at potential career changes that might meet that need. Some changes might seem obvious, but some additional options might be the perfect solution, but not be instantly obvious. For example, in today’s world of digital communication and media, you might find your new career in the field of writing for digital publishing. Or, you might become a premiere photographer and digital artist. Or any number of things. But you could start that career while still fully employed and paying the bills while building your business. Or, on the other hand, you could find your inner passion can lead you to start applying for management positions within your existing company. So take your time, consider your options and make this a change wear you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

The last changes I suggest are those that require a milestone to be reached. I’m not really saying do these last. What I am saying is wait to do them until it is the right time. Don’t wait until everything else is done. Wait until it is the right time. Whether it is in 5 days or 5 decades, enjoy the journey until you get there and can make that change.

I want to thank you for taking the time this series of exercises required. I hope you found the process illuminating and have some valuable insights about yourself. If you would like to share anything, please feel free to add comments anytime.


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    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      What a motivational hub. I will surely enjoy the journey and thanks for taking the time to write such an informative hub. :) Thumbs up!