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Life after Stroke (CVA Bleed)

Updated on April 17, 2016


There are three main types of stroke wherein it is classified as 1.) ischemic stroke, it is caused by blood clots 2.) hemorrhagic stroke, it is caused by ruptured blood vessels that cause brain bleeding 3.) transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke that is caused by a temporary blood clot. Wherein, last March 24, 2016 my mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, that is caused by a cerebral aneurysm or a blood vessel from the brain ballooned and burst. Before my mother suffered from hemorrhagic stroke, my mother felt a lump on the back of her head which she assumed as a simple lump and treat it with hot and cold compress everyday before taking a bath. Also, she experienced twitching on her right eye which she thought as being tired from watching television from noon till all her favorite soap opera ends at around 10PM. So basically she spent 10 hours of watching plus surfing the net during those times, in which this led us to a conclusion that those signs are just normal.

These signs last for months, without consulting the physician since my mother is a health buff that she felt that nothing was wrong with her, these signs are just normal and could fade in a matter of time with just a good exercise, proper diet and alternating of hot and cold compress. Months passed by, my mother complain of anything so we again assumed that it is normal and part of aging. Three days before her attack, she decided to go have her hair rebonded (Hair treatment for girls born with curly hair, a chemical process to straighten the hair which after this treatment you are not allowed to wash your hair for 3 days to settle the chemical on your hair) so, she was not able to wash her hair for 3 straight days, during those time, the heat index in our place was around 40 degree Celsius.

At around 6 PM, my mother decided to take a bath, while I was calling my boyfriend with headphones that I've got nothing to hear except for loud banging sounds.Yes, loud banging sounds that I heard my mother shouting my name, I thought she just want me to come to give her a soap but I saw her sitting on the toilet bowl telling me that she has a severe headache, that she needs a paracetamol and a glass of water to relieve this severe pain but from what I've seen, she is having a slurred speech and body weakness. As a nurse, I was not able to think properly but the first thing that comes to my mind is that my mother is having a stroke and I need to get help and rush her immediately to the nearest hospital in our place.

During emergency situations, be calm and take a quick intelligent action on the situation. As a nurse, it is expected that I can manage it easily because I have seen so much of this in the hospital, that I myself give treatments to those patients, but as they say things would be entirely different if it involves your family members, BUT during this kinds of situations call for help is the easiest thing you can do, in stroke time is the most important, the life of the patients depends on how early the patient can receive the treatment. So, for readers of this article, be calm and call for help, a presence of mind is what we need.

There are many ways we can get a help, for those family like us, that we live in a house that no one could hear us, have an accessible phone in every section of your house or if it is not possible have your phone near you every time, even during bath time since it is the most common place where accident happens.

Teach you family members, to also have a presence of mind. For the case of my mother, since she is a health buff and loves reading health articles on the internet, she basically know first aid procedures that she needs to do to herself. During her attack, she felt a severe headache, which is think that is due to not washing her hair for 3 days so she immediately take a shower on her head but the pain doesn't stop and during that time she suddenly sat on the toilet bowl because she might fall on the ground that can lead her to more serious injury as what she have said to me, and shout loudly enough for me to hear it, which I was able to rescue her immediately and bring her to the hospital which makes my mother survived her first attack. In conclusion, stroke is a medical emergency that we need to know and be familiar. We never know when and how it will happen, so every one should be prepared and know what to do during this kind of situations to save life.


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