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Life as a Non-drinker

Updated on May 22, 2014

No Thank You I Don't Drink Anymore

So, what do you think life as a Non-drinker feels like? I can say, it is wonderful, and then again there are times that those demons come knocking back on my door trying to make me drink once more.

My demons, and yours, if you have stopped drinking as I have, will continue to lurk in our bodies just waiting for that one weak moment we may have. They are ready to strike when we are least expected and weak.

It is truly a wonderful feeling to be asked if you would like a drink of alcohol, and for you to be able to say with pride,"no thank you I don't drink anymore."

You think to yourself. "did I just say that?" Back in the day of drinking and abusing alcohol that same answer would of been, "sure I would love to drink with you."

Running From Your Demons


What It Really Feels Like To Not Drink

Here is what it really feels like to me to not drink alcohol anymore. Although there are times that I just crave for a beer, but that is not possible because of the promise I made to myself back in October of 2009, and that was, "no matter how good or bad my life gets, I will never pick up an alcoholic drink again."

This is the promise I made to myself, and will never ever be broken for as long as I shall live!

  • It is such a wonderful feeling to be free of your demons and to be able to get in your car anytime of the day or night knowing that you will never be pulled over and given a DUI for drinking and driving. You are free to come and go as you please!
  • No more fights or arguments because of being drunk.
  • You get your self-esteem back and natural confidence, and not fake confidence due to drinking.
  • You learn the true meaning of love, and not putting the love of alcohol before all else.
  • You appreciate your life more, and those that are in your life.
  • No more huge hangovers each morning.
  • No more thinking the first thing when you wake up, saying, when can I have my first drink of the day?
  • You wake up refreshed and ready to take on another day sober.
  • You think more clearly, and do not make any harsh decision because alcohol thought for you.

A Non-Drinkers Life

Are you a Non-drinker now?

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I Am Honored And Proud To Be A Non-Drinker

When I made that huge change in my life I honestly thought to myself, "will I be able to get and stay sober?" It worried me because I depended on alcohol each and everyday and looked forward to drinking it everyday when I woke up. That was the first thing that came to my mind the minute I opened my eyes.

Thinking about that right now being clean and sober it makes me sick to my stomach that I could think that the minute I opened my eyes to a Blessed Day.

Yes indeed I am honored and proud of my sobriety, and I pray with each article I write that my writing will help someone in the world to get and stay sober as I have.

Nothing in life is impossible if you put your mind to it, and just do it.

Don't be embarrassed of the addiction to alcohol you have. Swallow your so called pride and ask for help to get your life back on track, and to help you find your sobriety that you once had.

Sober And In Love With Life Once More


Sobriety Is Awesome

Many of us that have drank and abused alcohol for many years forget what it really feels like to be clean and sober. We have been living in our own little world of alcohol addiction with the feeling that we would never get out.

Any of us can break free from our demons if you have it in your heart, and are willing to change your life once and for all. You have to want sobriety so bad that you are willing to do anything to get your life back.

All of us have to be stronger than our addiction and continue to tell ourselves that we are, and we can beat this addiction once and for all.

We can not let our demons run and ruin our life for one more second. Kick their asses to the curb and start to build your life back. Start to gain the confidence you once had before you started to drink and abuse alcohol.

Start living your life and start to spend quality time with your family and sober friends instead of spending time with the one thing that will kill you in the end. They, (our demons) are our enemies and certainly not our friends. Our demons don't care one bit about you or I. The only thing they are here for is to run and ruin your life, your spouse or partners life and your children, all that love and care for you so much and what you to be around for many more sober years so that they can enjoy that person they used to know when you and I were sober.

Get sober again, and start to have sober fun and not depend of alcohol to make you have so called fun. Remember: alcohol is here for one reason and that reason and it's job is to get you drunk and ruin your life. Unless you are a responsible drinker, and only drink on occasions and not every single day of the week, you need to stop drinking all together and be a non-drinker if you think or know you can't handle it.

© 2014 Mark Bruno


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    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 3 years ago

      You did it! you should be proud of yourself, this is a big accomplishment.