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My Life in Alternative Health

Updated on December 10, 2011

My Life In Alternative Health

When I told my mother I wanted to be an artist, she said: "You'll starve to death and die in the gutter." My father (divorced from my mother at the time), thought it was a good thing, but only if I could work for some big corporation like Disney. or Warner Bros. (Both of whom I applied to later in life, and which rejected me.)

In the early Seventies When I left High School the world was a very different place, especially for health care. There were Free Clinics everywhere. Doctors charged a minimal fee to look at you. Hospitals would take you without insurance cards. Most employers provided pretty good health insurance to their employees. And insurance companies charged minimal rates. No one had ever heard of going broke from being sick. Cancer and other devastating diseases could certainly put a strain on a person's finances; but people did not face bankruptcy and dissolution due to illness. There were many official programs in place from the State and the Fed to aid people. Reagan got rid of most of that by deregulating nearly everything and causing insurance companies, hospitals and doctors to become capital venturists together. Anywhere they could find to introduce a fee or a new rate hike they did so. In the end we have the monster that the President and we are dealing with, a ravenous politically run dragon bent on the destruction of the Middle Class; and no knight in shining armor to come forth to battle it.

As I matured and found out how hard it was to see a doctor or go to a hospital when I was sick. I had little recourse but to first off study common medical ailments and learn to treat them myself, and seek other alternatives to see if there might be a way to stave off illness and even change my body in order to protect it from disease and the crippling effects of simply living with poor nutrition, pollution and stress. When I was a hippie in 1969 and 1970 I read many of what were then called "underground newspapers" like the Chicago Seed and The LA Free Press. In those papers I began to learn of the alternative ideas which are now prevalent. Though in those days they were totally wild and "far-out." Ideas like energy flow through the body called "Chi" and how restrictions to that flow caused disease and ailments. I learned about natural food benefits, and about acupuncture, hands on healings, psychic healings and other forms of medicine from other cultures, like the Native Americans and Africans.

One of my first experiments in alternative health was using Psycho-Cybernetics and the Silva Mind Control Method to actively change my posture and my general well-being. I was a thin, small, long haired "hippie" with a very depressed attitude. This had developed because of severe trauma and neglect in my younger years. I was slouching, I could not speak very loudly. I had aches and pains I could not understand or do anything about. However at the time I was against even taking aspirin for pain. I felt most of my problems were due to attitude. So I adjusted it using these techniques of Mind over Matter. It worked. I began to stand straighter. I changed the Valley Boy lilt of my voice to a more standard adult pattern. I cleared my skin. This doesn't mean I never got sick. But when I did I tried to take care of it the best I could without the benefits of doctor's care. In the meantime I began to think that attitude and mind-set were everything. I went through some very heavy states of anxiety and depression. So I began to use a book entitled: You Are Not the Target, and the Norman Vincent Peale book: Power of Positive Thinkingi, in order to change my outlook. This worked very well for me for many years. The more positive I became, the more I was able to handle troubles and illnesses. I learned the more troubled the waters of the mind, the more one was prone to diseases of the body. There was a definite link between mind and matter.

As I went on I began to utilize massage and acupressure to help with aches and pains and with headaches, muscle strain. I became quite adept at deep tissue massage. I read many journals and articles on new discoveries in science and medicine. So much so that often I was able to tell a doctor how to approach a certain illness. And the rare times I did go to a doctor, like when I came down with pneumonia living on a ranch 14 miles from the nearest town or hospital, I learned things too. Like what I needed to do for the pneumonia was bed rest and drink a gallon of Gator-ade (tm) a day! I did find too that aspirin did wonders for fever reduction and pain reduction and was not so bad as I had thought. So I began to forge a balance between alternative/herbal/homeopathic medicine and standard medicine. This kept me healthy and kept my first wife healthy as well. Being artists we both faced a life without any sort of insurance or help at all for our health care. When I faced kidney stones I found a tea made of fresh parsley coupled with reduction in my milk intake and drinking cranberry juice kept me from forming more stones for many years. Whenever I needed help it seems someone was there to come to my aid. One of the best sources of alternative health is from our own society. You might want to call it Socialism, if you are an idiot. But the act of taking care of the sick by those who are healthy is what we call the basic aspect of a civilized society. Because when people are healthy, they work harder and better. And things get done. (I'm talking to you, Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove!) We need socialized health care now. Or our society will break down under the pressure of overwhelming healthcare costs.

It was only when I met my second wife, Rosanne, that I learned about what is commonly known now as "The Secret." Which is actually a distillation of the teachings of Dr. Earnest Holmes who was a disciple of the transcendentalist poet and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson. I found that reading into alternative religious view points brought me to the revelation that this was indeed a Secret that few understood or utilize. Mind over Matter has been a guiding principle even in the earliest Shamanistic practices. People have used it for thousands, perhaps even millions of years without knowing what they were doing. However Holmes took Emerson's ideas and theories and turned them into a vital system of creating things by "speaking into the Universe" and seeing the Spiritual Universe as the provider of all our good. I studied Science of Mind, which was Holme's ideology and religion, to find myself starting to "manifest" jobs, money, and other things, including healings. My second wife Rosanne was a practitioner of Science of Mind. And she had another skill set. She seemed to be able to speak with and get information from Spiritual Guidance Counselors, not present on this plane of existence.

I was a skeptic at the time I met her, because of some of the complexities that resulted from believing my first wife was a psychic healer (she turned out to be something much worse, using her abilities to hurt others). So I had a very difficult time getting my head around the fact that my new wife was getting information from "angels." However after much study and a few devastating set-backs in my physical, mental and emotional life, I began to get spiritual guidance messages myself. And these messages helped me begin to heal myself and others.

I began writing my own book, Speaking Of Angels, as I consolidated years of journals in which I had written down what my own guides and Rosanne's had said to us. At this time I was also lead to the healing art of Reiki. This I took to naturally. I found that when I concentrated I could see areas of disease or wounds inside a person's body! Then I could apply Reiki Energy to the seat of the person's problems. I found I could actually look inside of people! Later, nearly ten years after I started with Reiki, becoming a Practitioner and then a Master, I began to read research articles about science discovering that indeed, dogs could smell cancer, that some people could literally see light waves from sick people, since wounded or diseased areas actually give off different light than healthy tissues. Some people can see light with their finger tips! Many things once thought too far out for belief are now being revealed to be scientifically discernible and reproducible. So as I journeyed at first in the dark, more and more light is coming to bear on alternative medicine and health. So much so that many insurance companies will now pay for Reiki Treatments for their customers.

Yet Reiki itself is just one small part of the ultimate healing center, the Human Mind. It is there where everything starts and the manifestation process begins. My own mind was often confused by what society demanded I believe and what my soul told me. I was addicted to sugar and so wound up with diabetes, even when my own Angelic Guides warned me I was on the verge of contracting this dreadful disease! So I am not saying the world of alternative medicine is some infallible cure for all our ills; for most of our ills come from inside of us, manifested by years of negative input and output. We are told certain medicines that are absolute poisons are beneficial. We are told that sugar and caffeine will help us through our day, when ginseng and cinnamon would be more beneficial. Those who command the markets, demand our attention constantly and ply us with all sorts of things which contribute to our depression, obesity, bad blood sugar levels, nervousness, anxiety even arthritis and cancer and God knows what else. Those who want money because they think it will cure their ills, are not above destroying other people's health or livelihoods in pursuit of their goals. All wise people know this to be true. Yet many unwise people are fooled into believing a cigarette is a symbol of coolness and will calm the nerves. I fell for it. I smoked for years and it took a supreme effort to finally end my addiction to nicotine. (Thank you, Phillip Morris for teaching me what true evil really is.) This after years of telling my own mother to stop smoking and watching my father quit his habit and being so proud of him! Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. And there are those who are willing to take advantage of this weakness we all have. So Alternative Health is something a person must continually struggle for. I have used self-hypnosis, self-help programs, herbs, homeopathy, Reiki, acupressure, spiritual mind treatments and prayer in my time to aid myself and others. What I have found is that we have an arsenal of help at our disposal if we but look for it outside the marketplace and inside the temples of ancient and modern wisdom.

At this point I am using the principles put forth in The Secret to battle against my current condition of unemployment. My poor wife is also now unemployed. (Through absolutely no fault of our own.) And there is not much help forthcoming for those of us who are now victims of the economic depression that country is reeling from. She and I have had no health insurance at all for three years. We have not been able to see a doctor, even when she suffered a head injury, no doctor would take her because of the lack of insurance! Surely this is a criminal offense against the Hippocratic Oath. And yet, the market often determines now who will receive care and who will suffer. Such a sad state of affairs would have been unthinkable when I was growing up. Yet the problem is not how this state of affairs occurred, but rather how we survive it. Having no medication for my Diabetes, I turned to a magical elixir and a common spice. Tahitian Noni Juice (tm) and cinnamon; these have given me over the past three years a degree of health that I have not ever had, even when I was a child. I cannot speak more highly of Tahitian Noni Juice than to say this is the fruit of the Tree of Life itself. The Tahitians have used Noni and grown it for health reasons for over four thousand years. They took it from their homeland in India to the thousands of islands of the Pacific where it is still used today to promote health. the Noni plant itself, sometimes called the Indian Blackberry or the Vomit Fruit, is an amazing repository of vital molecular strands that can be anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-aging. The amount of anti-oxidants in the Noni fruit is enormous, if only for that benefit one ounce a day would be a godsend to many. As it is certain things about the Noni plant's properties are being discovered by science daily. The best source for the fruit, aside from right off the vine, is the Tahitian Noni company, which owns 90% of the fruit grown in Tahiti. That is a story for another hub-page. Regardless this juice I drink religiously. I will go without many things before I go without this juice. I dread any major ugly corporation buying out the Noni juice producers. Most of the Noni juice in markets now is dried, reconstituted pulp. Tahitian Noni Juice (tm) uses only fresh squeezed fruit and pulp. Which I believe is the key to its effectiveness.

Daily I read more and more articles dealing with health care alternatives. And I am glad I do. I have had three years without any threatening illnesses, my diabetes seems to be all but gone, I was able to heal my wife's head wound with Reiki and natural remedies, just as I do with our back problems, leg problems, colds and fevers, etc. I also gave her the ability to use Reiki. I may not be able to do it all myself; but I do know this, I always have the help I need from other wise people and from my Spiritual Guides. After all our ancestors lived long enough and healthy enough to have produced us at a time when there was little or no cure for even the simplest infection or tooth ache. Things are far better now. Yet some of us must continue this journey, like pilgrims searching for salvation as we bring more and more knowledge and benefit to our world, thinking outside the old boxes and trying out new techniques and new natural products. Someday we may all be disease free if all of us continue this vital journey together.


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    • profile image

      R. Allen-Hewlett 

      8 years ago


      Right on !! My fear is the doctors, the hospitals and the insurance companies.. since I watched them literally kill my mother with a huge combination of drugs which she took in an effort to be well. I could only stand by and watch her decline and help her through her death.

      Greed is the root, and it must be plucked out .. by all of us, if necessary. I concur with your findings .. I REFUSE to see a doctor unless I have a broken bone or such. And even then I 'shop' them like I do a dress ... they hate it!


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