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Life with Shay

Updated on May 20, 2015

Shay is here!

I don't know when or how it happened, but I'm glad it did.

One day, I was sitting in a room. Thoughts were pouring, like rain, through my head. I reached an impasse and I didn't know where to go and how I would reach my destination.

I was confused. I believed my life was coming to a screeching halt like a car without working brakes and I couldn't control it.

I knew all hope wasn't lost because the voice inside my heart whispered, "Hold on. The best is yet to come."

Then, she walked in. I wish I could tell you all the excruciating details, but my memory has failed me today.

She entered the room with an air of confidence I hadn't seen in a while. She strutted to the corner where I sat and breathed life into my dry bones.

Her breathe felt cool in the humid room. She didn't stop breathing until I had inhaled every ounce of strength in her body. Suddenly, she disappeared.

I stood and I looked around trying to find her, but to no avail. I closed my eyes and the voice whispered, "I haven't left. I am inside of you."

I opened my eyes and walked to the mirror. I peered into the transparent glass and Shay appeared. "I told you, I am inside of you. Now, there's nothing you cannot do."

Shay vs. Shay

Shay came into my life at a time when I needed hope and I couldn't find it.

She is beautiful, unique, independent and loving. I can't imagine life without her. Before she became the woman I loved and admired, she was a nuisance.

She thought the world revolved around her and she manipulated people constantly. She didn't think about the way her actions affected others; she did what and when she wanted.

I hated that about her. How could she not care how her actions affected others?

Aside from this, she had a heart of gold beneath her tough exterior.

She is always inspiring me to become a better person. If I am feeling upset about something, she knows what to do to cheer me up.

She is the reason I decided to become a full time writer. She believed in me and told me I had what it takes to be all I can be.

I love all that I am, just as I am.
I love all that I am, just as I am. | Source

Shay, The Dreamer

I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but I didn't know how to make that dream a reality.

Shay suggested I start a blog called, "Shay's Rebellion". I didn't know what to write about. I created it, but I believe days went by before I actually posted something.

I was nervous and I thought no one cared about what I had to say. Shay convinced me to do it and worry about the effects later. She told me, "You will never know what you can do, unless you do it."

Wise words.

Fast forward, I started the blog last year and it has had over 1,000 visitors. I am amazed because I didn't know my blogs were exciting and helping people everywhere.

I didn't have the guts, but Shay knew I needed to believe in myself.

She doesn't let me quit. She knows I have dreams and she is willing to help me become all I can be.

Dreams are for everyone
Dreams are for everyone | Source

Shay, The Woman

"You see a lot of smart guys with dumb women, but you hardly ever see a smart woman with a dumb guy." -Erica Jong

If you asked Shay if she agrees with the quote, she would say, "Yes."

Shay is a smart woman and she doesn't spend her time on guys who can't intellectually stimulate her. The type of guys she goes for are the ones who are ambitious and can challenge her.

She doesn't waste time on foolish things or people.

Aside from this, Shay has a lot to offer the world and it is because she is smart, with an open heart.

Shay believes in herself and everyone she loves and she is willing to do whatever she can to help them.

Before I met Shay, I was shy and didn't like talking to people. She reminded me about my voice and unique gifts the world needs.

If Shay hadn't shown up, I would've still been Rashai (my biological name) and I don't really like her.

The world is waiting for Shay
The world is waiting for Shay | Source

I love Shay!

What can I say?

Shay is the most amazing woman to ever come into my life.

I can't imagine life without her and I hope I never have to.


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