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Lifefitness Elliptical

Updated on May 22, 2011

Who Is Lifefitness?

Life Fitness is a division of Brunswick Corporation. Life Fitness started over 30 years ago with the Lifecycle exercise bike. Since then, it has grown into one of the best companies in the commercial and residential fitness markets. Life Fitness builds ellipticals, treadmills, home gyms, stair climbers and exercise bikes. Lifefitness is known for their focus on innovation. They have a state-of-the-art R&D department.

Life Fitness has the only in-house biomechanics research and development team in the elliptical industry. Lifefitness spends millions of dollars each year refining each and every aspect of their elliptical machines. They work on everything from the design of the pedals, to the stride length, to the best brake system to meet the needs of the consumer.

What You Get For The Money

Life Fitness elliptical trainers are built with stress relief and sound suppression in mind. They believe these are the areas most crucial to a consumer continuing to use their equipment. Lifefitness ellipticals are top of the line in every aspect of their machines; from upper body workout, stride length, durability, size, etc.

What People Say About The Ellipticals From Lifefitness

Consumers consistently choose Lifefitness ellipticals as some of the best in the industry. They choose Lifefitness because of their gym-quality construction and durability and because of the ergonomic design of the Lifefitness elliptical trainers. This makes sense, because Life Fitness developed commercial exercise equipment long before they entered the market for ellipticals for home use.

How Much?

The least expensive elliptical cross trainers from Life Fitness cost approximately $1,900. You should make sure that you are really committing to the elliptical before you purchase it.

In Conclusion

The Life Fitness line of elliptical trainers is one of the best in the industry.  You don't have to worry about their ellipticals breaking down and there is minimal maintenance involved in keeping it.  Lifefitness ellipticals can be kind of pricey, but if you can afford it, it is well worth the money.


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