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Updated on November 15, 2014

Life Lesson Part Two

Learning the familiar things in life can establish raising psychic awareness. Through listening; our lives can become abandoned by hopelessness, so it is essential that we speak to others with words of peace and love only, because sometimes when negativity is spread through our speech it can affect our sensitivity, and in the result; hurting our feelings.

Time is concerned with oneself, and when one is concerned with only themselves, miracles begin to happen. When we seek our true – desires; matter becomes immune to us, and the weight of the things in life become harnessed. Creation has reason; and the concept of reason is an aspect/s of our purpose. When negative – situations are removed; progress begins to take its place, and the things that seem impossible; are then possible. Everything has a prize, and our favourite – feeling can win just this. Perseverance is insurmountable. Many places of the world can bring enlightenment; and enlightenment can be found anywhere also, at any time.

It is absolute when we realize what comes to our minds; but we have to be careful, because our thoughts can swallow our feelings, and if from a negative – aspect, our reality can be turned around completely. Many people have their own designs in life, both male and female express themselves somehow.


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