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Happiness is a Choice. Not being miserable is a Choice. You choose the life you want to live!

Updated on July 12, 2017
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

We live in a world where people has the impression that self-image is everything. While we are all more fixated on our looks than we want to admit, and attractive people have a significant advantage in the world. Moreover, it is vital that you feel confident about your appearance as no one has a way of knowing exactly what others think of their looks. Not knowing what others think sometimes leads to a feeling of insecurity. Moreover, other will build up a cohesive picture of the world from our consciousness to make us attentive to our appearance only to leave us feeling like a seamless story that is written wrong.

When we formed our sense of self from the reflections of others and centered our appearance on what society thinks of us, all that does is apply the pressures on us to “excel” or to “attain” a sudden look. It will make us forget the major principles that need to be involved to feel happy and fulfilled. Social media has a way of destroying what self-image is all about through determining how the world should look, act and be represented or how a person should carry themselves in their everyday life. Nonetheless, we have to know happiness is a choice. Not being miserable is a choice. You choose the life you want to live.

In reality, the “real social world” as people perceive it, is repeatedly wrong…so why take the opinion of others to be more important than your own? when we take the view of others, we can end up living our lives in the past. Did you know if a person lives in the present and visualizes to improve the way he or she looks at life as well as interact with others that are a vital part of being happy? Yes, visualization is the key to dictating how people learn about the potential that is fastened up in every human being on Earth and that contribute to happiness.

To attain happiness all a person need to do is know how to achieve the confidence that makes him or her happier than they currently are. However, know it is not an easy path to travel. There will be many different obstacles to get in the way. A barrier like a peer pressure to destroy the self-image that many can no longer see that it is the real choice available to them which allow happiness. To maintain happiness people must understand there are different essentials which work, hand in hand to create the perfect balance and harmony. What everybody needs in his or her lives is a balance.

The type that will set of balance scales the amount of negative and positive allow in their life to attain happy that are worthwhile. After all, life’ how you live it- because happiness is a choice.

Once you find your confidence, you will be able to travel the right path to happiness through a carefully selected choice, rather than through life’s situations. That means even if you find yourself down on your luck, you can use the strength of your contentment to overcome hurdles and thus gain the power of exhilaration. Traveling the right path will help to bring out the best in you as happiness is within your grasp as it was always intended to be. However, when you take too much notice of other people’s expectations, you allow it to get in the way of your happiness and blur your aspect of life’s possibilities.

How to Know When You Are On the Right Path

Almost everybody thinks if they had a certain amount of money it would make them happy. I even thought that but I came to realization from life’s experience and setting goals happiness cannot be found in money. Searching for happiness, I read different books and was willing to listen to solid advice and was even open to a good mentor. However, it was not until I realized happiness was found within and I came to realize for myself I do not need approval from other, and that is when I found happiness.

Even though there's no right or wrong way to live your life, it will start making sense when you are on the right path, of course, you will make many mistakes along the way, but to make more progress, you have to stop your negative behaviors and start good ones. Think about it this way you cannot get through life by staying away from mistakes. People have been making mistakes since they were old enough to start making errors on their own. It takes years of mistakes and determination to realize to make progress, and it takes action and being okay with making mistakes in life when an individual reaches this stage that how they know, they are on the right path.

Choose to be happy – The Path to Achieving happiness!

• Using positive self-talk for inner strengths

• Overcome fear using favorable self-talk

• Positive thinking

• Balance life

• Free of negativity

• Participate in meaningful activities in your everyday life

• Finding reasons to be content

• Refuse to worry and stress

• Learn to be gratified

Learning how to Overcoming Obstacles & Find Happiness

Getting on and staying on the right path is not an easy task. You will run into many different obstacles along the way, but what will help you grow and adjust is how you view your obstacles. It is vital to make sure you do not look at your obstacles as something that will prevent you from achieving what you desire, look at your problems as a test that will help you grow and appreciate life better.

There will be times when life’s challenges will be very rough that you might find yourself in doubt as you travel your path. You might even find yourself wondering should I really be going in this direction? Alternatively, should I U-turn and go back in the course I was moving to be heading in the right direction?

It best to use precise, simple methods to solve problems life has to offer. An easy technique for listening to your heart and looking life’s trials straight in the eyes. When you discover the force of following your heart, you will be able to overcome the obstacles and find happiness.

Five Steps to Becoming a Happier Person

Step 1: Don't be concerned with life’s trouble, choose to be happy

Step 2: Reject negative thoughts and state of mind

Step 3: Come to know forgiveness

Step 4: Have true friends or find new real friends

Step 5: Bring to mind, money cannot bring or buy happiness

Whether you believe it or not, some people think that their actions will not determine if they are happy in life. Not only does a person action control their happiness, to some extent, how an individual behaves in life will have a bearing on the level of happiness they obtain. In spite of this, this is only part of the details happiness is like a delicate butterfly. A person can hold it in their hand and turn their head for a moment, and it will change direction by the time you turn back around, or it is gone.

Happiness Replacements

There have been alternatives for happiness since the beginning of time, though there are even more obvious today than they ever have been because of the world that we live in nowadays.

From the instant a child is born, there are happiness replacements that are made known of his/her life that also give the notion that happiness is something which can be achieved or be subjected to something temporarily irresistible or by purchasing some product that will enhance life.

Major happiness substitutions that come to mind are:

• Being wealthy

• Having a luxurious sports car

• Having a huge house

• Dressing in lavish clothes

Of course, any of these things above may make you temporarily happy, but they will not make a permanent bearing on you or bring happiness. They may, however, have an influence on how other individuals see you. You can be incredibly wealthy and entirely unhappy. Stipulations may mean that your wealth has placed distance between you and others. Think of owning millions of dollars and having to determine whether people like you because of you, or whether you are liked because of your wealth.

Many wealthy people go through this and are incredibly lonely and it hard for them to find real happiness. This may be because their principles are profoundly screwed up. They put prominence on possessions and money than the focus on actually enjoying life and being happy. Not anything can make us happy until we make a decision to be happy. In short, life’s circumstances can affect the happiness you desire, but your life is how you live it- because happiness is a choice, you are the one who decides your happiness.

Happiness is a Choice. Not being miserable is a Choice. You choose the life you want to live

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