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Lifes Transitions

Updated on October 23, 2014
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I believe in the greater good of humanity. That we all struggle sometimes, but our way out... is what lies within.

"Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you" -unknown

Throughout the course of ones life, there will be many obstacles, many ups and downs. Starting from infants and onto your adulthood lives. We see the world with brand new eyes (almost virgin eyes) because every new experience is just that... brand new.

As infants, everything is beautiful, until it is proven otherwise to us. When we stand up for the very first time, and it feels so great that we want to reach forward with our legs and take that first step. We are proud and we are happy... until we fall down, tears streaming from our face, and we are taught differently. We are then under the impression that at any given time... something can change, and it will because change is inevitable.

As children, we love our friends. Until they push us down, or make fun of us. We believe in love and in hardships very quickly. All things that shape and mold us into our adult lives.

With adult lives, comes responsibilities. Different challenges that all mold us into who and what we are. We create our own beliefs, our own core values and from that we go on seeing different things in this world than others do. Making us all individuals, but yet so much the same. We all just deal with different battles.

However, it is important to understand, that with each new roller coaster that our lives take us on, it is so necessary to remember the battle scars in order to push ourselves forward and fully embrace the lessons that are being taught right in front of us.

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious, Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals" -Jim Rohn

Life's balance will always seem to shift. No matter where you are, no matter what you are going through, the lessons will always be the very best part.

Weather you know it or not, life is going to throw you curve balls. It is going to challenge you. It's actually a really beautiful thing. The only different between life and success, is how many times you are willing and able to pick yourself back up and try again. Trying is half the battle. Without trying, there is no true failure. But failure doesn't exist, if you do in fact just try.

Through all of it, it is important to remember where you have been before. To reflect on the things that you love, but also, the things that you may not have liked so much. It is in knowing what you do not care for, to fully understand the things that you are not willing to put up with. It measures your ability to let things go and re-ground yourself back to the basics. Back to the things that you know work for you personally.

It is also important to realize, that through the years, something that may have worked for you in the fast, may no longer work in quite the same way anymore. So re-evaluating the situations is key. As you develop into the person that you are meant to be, you must apply all of the new life's lessons that you have just learned, remember the lessons that you have already learned, and use those as a strength to become brand new again. Nothing is for not, no matter how big or small. Nor matter the pain that it may or may not have caused you. All things come together as one and you determine your own success.



© 2014 Bridget Houcek


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