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Life's simple moments

Updated on March 24, 2012

Life's simple moments

Family, special moments and memories

As I awake to another day of life and I go about the typical daily routine that we all have come to accept I can't help but wonder what it is that helps me to live each day with the same feeling of joy, hope and optimism. Is it an ideal that I hold on to? Is it knowing that our lives have deeper meaning that we sometimes don't realize until we are able to reflect upon, question, understand, accept and stay committed to. Is it the smile I see on my son's face when we had a fun day together or is it the simple words we exchange at bed time with our son when my wife and I kiss him good night and say "I love you". As we live each day and spend time with our family, our friends and all who play a part in our life we come to learn that life's pleasures are sometimes the result of the most simplest of things.

As I reflect on life, family, work and the relationships we establish I am always reminded that the simple moments we share with our loved ones are the most meaningful and it is that realization that makes everything else seem to fit together like the pieces of a complex puzzle. If I could relate the happiest day of my life to the world it would be the day our son was born. From that day on my life took on a new dimension that I am most grateful for. I have become a much better person as a result of my son and I have learned so much from him through the years. As a parent we want our child to always feel safe, happy, loved and protected. We want to see our child smile, laugh and always feel good about themselves.

The irony of life is that there seems to be so much complexity to it yet it is the simple things that bring the most joy. When I look at my baby pictures and pictures of my mom and dad in earlier days I feel this overwhelming feeling of happiness that seems hard to describe but yet is so much a part of me as it brings me back to a time where I also felt safe, protected and loved. I am deeply connected to the present day and to our son's development and as I develop and grow as a parent I also like to remember back to my youth and the days of my own childhood. Childhood is so very precious and the sad thing about growing up is that we have to outgrow our childhood one day. I am always telling my son to enjoy this precious time in his life because it does not last forever and by the time we realize this it usually has passed us by already.

As I think back to my childhood and growing up I can remember my first base hit in little league, I can remember the first girl I had a crush on, I can remember the first teacher that made a difference in my life, I can remember the first time I sat on Santa's lap to tell him what I wanted for Christmas, I can remember the first time I rode a bicycle, I can remember the first time I read a book on my own, I can remember the first trophy I won, I can remember the first job I had and most importantly I can remember the loving family; my mom, dad and 2 sisters who made it all possible for me to live my life with confidence, joy and happiness.

The joy we share as parents is watching our child make strides in their development. When we see our baby sleep soundly at night it brings such comfort to us. When we see our baby crawl for the first time or we see them smile or we hear them say their first word we are over joyed. These are the happiest moments in our lives and they are priceless and though they are simple feats they are very special and have the most meaning to us. I still remember my son's first word and when he took his first step. There is no greater feeling in life then knowing how much love we have in our heart for our child. If I could share what I have learned from my experiences in life I would say that our connection to family is essential in allowing us to know trust, love, hope, inspiration and a feeling that we are truly special. We also will come to realize that we are far from perfect but this should not affect us in our commitment to living our life and trying to do our very best in all we try. We must always look to others, especially our parents or loved ones and our teachers for direction and advice and we must never be afraid to do so. The only way we can learn is by asking when we are unsure and knowing we have others in our life to turn to so we don't feel alone.

As I reflect upon my life and the ones I love and I realize that time is fleeting and our son is growing up I become more philosophical and I try to find an inner peace that helps me to believe in my heart that things will work out and all my hopes, dreams and good wishes for my son and my family will come true. Life and family are what makes the world go round and we will live through moments of great joy and moments of great sadness and it is with this understanding that we must find balance in our life and hold on to hope each and every day because we have great responsibility to our children and it is our love that endures the good days and the bad days that must always shine through like a beacon light in the middle of the night for those in need to see.

I will be the first one to admit that I have shared days of great happiness and days of tremendous sorrow and the one thing that seems to be a constant is that we must continue to live our lives no matter what and even if we feel very sad we must have an inner strength that helps guide us. We must also have a deep faith in God to help us through the rough patches we all experience in our lives. We all want to hold on to the special and joyous times in our lives and never let them go and that is why I like to look back at my baby pictures, our son's baby pictures and pictures of our wedding day and pictures of my mom and dad. A picture really can go a long way in reconnecting us to our past and bringing a smile to our face as we remember that special moment in our life as we reflect and think back to that time and to all those who were truly special to us.

So as I think back to my childhood and I fast forward to my adulthood, marriage and fatherhood I take great joy and pleasure in all that I have experienced and I vow that I will take good care of my wife and son and I will enjoy each and every day I have to share with them both. I have a wonderful family and I am so blessed and grateful and I realize that our greatest joys are derived from the simple things in life and we all should remember what is most important to us which is our family and all those who have touched our lives in some way.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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Precious child - Karen Taylor

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    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago


      Thank you for reading my Hub and for your kind words. I feel it is important to write from my heart and share what our lives are about and to connect with the ones we love. Thank you.


    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      ALUR, Yes certainly I look forward to reading your hubs and learning from your experiences and your insight. Thank you for inviting me to do so and for reading my Hub and sharing your thoughts and kind words.


    • vasantha  T k profile image

      vasantha T k 

      7 years ago from Bangalore

      simple moments of joys makes us for living. Good wishes

      voted beautiful

    • ALUR profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      It is a blessing to be able to see the joys and the amore of life even having endured the turbulent waves of change. I am working hard to capture those moments though in my own writing there is much angst and suffering. I choose the pen to lament and the rest of this life to count the beautiful things.

      Would love you to visit my hubs as well and see some inside reflections!


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