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Adventures in Life-success

Updated on February 29, 2016

Overcoming failure and reaching success is something we all struggle with. This article is about a friend of mine whom I believe was one of the most successful woman that "walked" the earth. My friend was a thirty-nine year old woman who was either in a wheel chair or using a walker. She was of small stature and from far resembled a child. In life she was not financially successful. She was like most of us who either have some money saved, borrowed or surviving on disability checks. She was physically disabled but her spirit and mind was not. Being a diabetic from birth she watched everything she ate and on top of that she was born with several health issues which placed her on dialysis. I became acquainted with her through my job as her caregiver. Her life was very simple and routine. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday she would go to dialysis for four hours and be emotionally and physically drained. Through it all nobody saw how much this routine was draining and wearing her out. She was fragile and sickly. Her life adventures was not what anyone would wish for nor consider a great journey, but she did. She looked at life through different lenses. She had more friends than you could imagine and had more adventures than anyone could dream. You wonder how, let me tell you.

Going to the store was an adventure for her because in her wheelchair people would stop and stare or make some kind of comment. Her response would always amaze me. She would turn to whomever and offer her brightest smile and say something positive to them. They would just walk away out of embarrassment or try to make up to her. She would then turn to me and say "When life gives you lemons make lemonade even if it takes all your sugar to sweeten it," She said life was an adventure no matter where you where or whom you where with. Going outside, shopping, your backyard, and just waking up. Thats the biggest blessing and adventure we have, waking up to see another day. Whether that day is cloudy or sunny you chose how your going to live it. My friend died a couple weeks ago but her memory lives on. When you feel like everything is going wrong in your life think of someone like my friend who was thankful for the little things. Being thankful and caring to others is what makes anyone a success. Money without love and kindness might as well be a failure. The biggest thing to remember is that YOU are not a failure, you might fail in things in life and not be financially successful but your existence is a success.


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