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Lifestyle choices factors

Updated on August 19, 2016

In this article i will be talking about what i think of negative and positive factors that could lead to lifestyle choices.

Factors that impact negatively

Environment can also lead to negative lifestyle choices as it concerns the place where you live and taht you occupy in life. It is aboiut where you live and who you are. This factor also influences your relationships socially. Your culture, working conditions and means of living can also lead to inequalities that influence the way you make yoyr lifestyle choices.

Different types of inequalities

Literacy - There are certain minimum standards that correspond with the different stages in education : primary, secondary and senior stages. Did you get the opprtunity to develop those skills at school and at home?

Income - How muh allowance are you getting paid and in what sector of society do you work or your parents work? What position do you or your parents or whoever provide for you hold?

Poverty - Would you consider yourself rich or poor? Do you or your provider provide enough for you to make a living? Do you have to fend for yourself?

Culture - Your own identity and place in life with the people that share your views and habits. Do you follow different ways than others and do your values clash with those of other people? Sometimes this can even become a political issue, when an individual doesn't understand others' social backgrounds. Then you talk about them instead of focusing on the individual in front of you.

If we look at it carefully we can see that South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world, therefore sometimes you may see yourself as even poorer when living and working next to someone from a more well-to-do part of society. Sometimes it is more about attitude than influence.

Factors that impact positively

When we begin to grow up and approach adulthood, some changes occurs. There are lifestyle changes that can affect all of the different aspects of your well-being. These changes mean that you have greater responsibilities , and therefore there are more risks. You need to manage those life changes cleverly and with awareness, in such a way that they contribute to a balanced life.

The trick is to know the factors taht help steer you to positive lifestyle choices. You learn to screen these factors : link your life to the positive aspects and avoid the bad patches. Look at the list below so that you can do your own screening :

Personal values - Besure to have your own core values and follow them. These values are the beacons that guide you when you have to make choices.

Believe system - Provides you with a sound foundation from which to make your most important decisions about your own life and the lives of others. You eventually have to form your own view on life, society and other world out there.

Religion - You have committed yourself to follow a certain path in life with a view to life beyond this one. By doing this you have become part of a broader movement (tradition) and deeper reality (God) that guide you and challenge your views on everyday life. All of your relationships are turned inhto this relationship.

Positive role models - People who influence your life for the better. You can learn from them : they also had to overcome odds stacked against them.

Elders and friends - The people closest to you they createa loving and caring environment for you to lead your life in. Friends can be an extended family where you get a sence of belonging.

Media - The different media (TV, books,amgazines and newspapers) all help to provide you with information, whih is your right. They also act as your watch dogs against abuse of power orpoint out harmful practices and bad life choices.

Culture and community - The place where you were born and grew up provides you with your social identity. That is what defines you as a human being and as an individual. In South Africa you also form part of the richness of different cultures (diversity). Here you can learn to respect others different from yourself. You can come to understand their values and respect their viewpoints, even if you do not agree with them.

Economic conditions - How you make your living depends on the opportunities that come your way and how you use them to help improve the lives that you and the people closestbto you experience. Learn to navigate from where you are and use the opportunities that come your way :)

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